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Finishing up Witness to the Moon this week

So not really going to write much on this blog post. By Friday I plan to send off Witness to the Moon to my editor. Then I can get started on Claiming the Enchantress.

I realize I have been forgetting to include Monday Marketing on my past few Monday posts so I finally put it into my phone calender versus trying to remember. Because that has been failing, lol. I placed that in my calender as well as my creative writing exercise posts. It’s in my head when I do the dishes, but then I forget to post. So my intention is to remember and get better at remembering to post these. With the help of my calendar.

Did you watch the final season and episodes of Game of Thrones? What did you think?

Monday Marketing is back, as evidenced below. I used to do this on my Facebook page, but let’s face it – no point. With all the strict rules FB is incorporating and limiting us, I don’t want to risk punishment so I’m going to do this on here. On Mondays, if you have anything going on, look for the image below. If you have a book release, a sale going on (even nothing to do with books), or even a public event offline that you’d love a few extra eyes on, feel free to come by and share in the comments.

Anything goes provided it isn’t nudity based, crude, or other such things. I think most of you get that, but if it’d get me in trouble (or you)? Well simple – don’t post it. If you’re questioning if it’s safe? Probably isn’t. Err on the safe side. Remember that this is my site and I reserve the right to remove anything offensive. Think of the audience. You don’t have to be a follower of mine to take advantage. 🙂 Anyone can.

Leave anything you’ve got on sale or would like to advertise in the comments. Anything goes – no crudity.

Today’s numbers for Savage Lands.

Started with – 32,658 words

Ended with – 33,588 words

Total words written today – 930


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