Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

What really is Law of Attraction about? Let’s describe it differently than them.

Was thinking about this earlier and thought I would discuss it. Let me make perfectly clear I’m explaining it as someone who has lived it since I was a teenager. I am not a doctor, I am not giving out medical advice. It helped me to lose weight and for many things. I’m sharing my experience in a way that I hope makes it easier to understand.

At this point someone is thinking, “You lost weight because you worked out.” Yes, that’s true. I also lost weight because of the Law of Attraction. However, I don’t like to say it as LoA because many individuals are only describing it as “I bring it to me.” As, “I attracted it.” We can’t “attract” lost weight. We have to actively remove the weight, right? Exactly.

This is where my 30 days of Play comes in. 30 Days of Play, 30 Days to Change Your Life. 30 Days is an average amount of time for most people to change bad habits, reform new. Some people will see results much sooner, some people will see results take longer. It depends on an individual’s journey. And ya know . . . how stubborn we are. We’ll have setbacks in that time, fall off the wagon, but my idea is that in approximately 30 days, you can change your life one day at a time. And again I will emphasize for anyone like myself . . . it can take longer. Also, that’s just catchy to say. Change the number to suit your personal goals and habits.

Notice I didn’t say manifestation.

So what is Law of Attraction in a different explanation? Why do so many get confused by the term. As in, “Why is my manifestation not working? Why am I failing?”

We’re not.

Let me break that down. Ask what that says. Read it slowly and think about each word. Law of Attraction. The law of attracting toward us. The law of the universe to attract what we want to attract. The law of the universe to give us what we attract . . . emit. God’s law (for those who believe, I’ll state it this way too – insert your deity in place of God) that we will magnetize in, what we give out. The quantum scientific law that our energy is attracting and bringing toward us the energy we’re being surrounded by.

Different phrasing that all means the same things. What we think, we create.

I’ll break that one down too.

What we think, we create. If we expect to see a certain reality, we will see that reality. If we expect something to happen, most of the time we will see it, depending on the strength of our thoughts. No, we are not failing if it doesn’t happen. We didn’t think too little on it or positive thought it too little. Our mind and what we’re thinking about, we’re drawing in. The stronger our focus, the stronger the reality we will see. We are creating what we will see tomorrow, or later. If it’s minor, it’s quickly. If it’s a big thing, it will take some time. Like a bean sprout (minor and quickly) or a redwood (large and takes time).

We need to form the habit of seeing it there, we need to “create” what’s going to take place. And a lot of time it does take a minute. Not only for us to change our deep beliefs that have been programmed by the world all this time, but our family and friends too. Think of the parent who states their son is a failure. Every day they’re programming that reality.

Not only do we need to form the new habit for us to finally be able to believe what’s going to happen, but I’ve learned that natural timing is at play too. We can’t “manifest” a grown tree that is twenty years old in our yard, just by sheer thought – that would be entertaining. We can’t change a person’s behavior overnight because though they may act differently around us, if we drop what we’re doing then their deep beliefs and attitudes are also going to come back out.

This is where some may get angry about free will and the like. Or bring up us pushed out. If we’re in a bad mood, we’re going to see others in a mood too and misconstrue how they’re acting. We’ll see what isn’t there. That’s what it is about. But it’s also that if we’re not feeling worthy and think everyone treats us like crap, what’s gonna happen? They’ll see that in us and behave accordingly. We’ll just make them feel icky to be around and they behave with us that way. Ever feel “weird,” around someone? And just “not like them,” and not entirely know why? Deep down inside of them, they feel that and project it outward. So we react to that. There is no management of their free will or ours. We’re not affecting anyone’s will. It’s all energy.

If we’re feeling gross, the energy around us will feel gross to be around. If we’re feeling great, the energy around us will feel great. That’s it. Just science. Same with some who naturally feel that everyone treats them so well and deep down inside they reflect that good version of it. We’re seeing that inside of them. Same with how if someone feels that way, but deep down it’s a selfish version? Ever feel the arrogance of a person without them saying a word? Or entitlement? That’s again, what we’re dealing with.

Another critique I’ve seen is around “this isn’t God’s way.” God’s way is do good and good will come to you. In his/her/their words, it’s exactly what we’re discussing. Humans across the world (many religious like Buddha) wouldn’t have ever had the idea in their mind if it didn’t come from Source/the Universe/God. Jesus was a philosopher and the first teacher of this mindset. It’s not “new age” beliefs and not “devil worship,” or “from demons” to think that if we’re happy deep down, if we’re generous and giving, that good things will come back to us. That is the real Law of Attraction.

Which is why it bothers me to no end that many are taking it and teaching it in a way that makes others feel bad, or wrong. It’s not bad or wrong to believe that doing good brings you good. That is really what we’re discussing. A total change of our mindset. A completely different view that says hey, if I feel good and I change what I speak to myself inside my brain and in the deep dark places which used to put me down, then not only a I changing myself? I’m changing everything around me and the world so that I can give more good to the world. That really is what it is.

It’s psychology, it’s physical, it’s vibrational, it’s even what we’re eating. And no, I am not telling you to give up junk food or smoking. Just be aware that the drawback of truly delving deep into changing yourself from the depth? Is that your body will change as much as your mind. It will begin to crave healthier foods, and dump things that don’t feel good. So I won’t tell you to give those bad things up. Your body eventually will have zero interest in it. That’s what I’ve noticed. I still occasionally grab me some chocolate and sweets. But I crave plants more than meat. I crave healthy more than sugar. I haven’t touched a soda in over ten years at this point. Never have I smoked, done drugs, or even can handle most prescription medications. I’m highly susceptible to the side effects. Learned that harsh lesson way back in the day, maybe two years or so after I began to change my life.

A book I suggest starting with, is not The Secret. The book I suggest is Being Happy. It gives bite size bits of information like saying, “You ever notice that the people who say, ‘I always get sick,’ are the people who always get sick?” That sums up everything right there.

To really sum up: if we change how we think, how we act, and not on the outside, but deeeeeeeeeppppp inside? Our entire world will change and reflect that in ways that miracles take place every day. What we’re thinking, we’re creating for tomorrow. Our lives show up tomorrow, for what we’re creating today. Even when we wake up tomorrow. If we say, “Today is going to be a good day,” and just feel grateful that it is, even if mishaps happen? It can’t be a bad day! At the end of the day, we say, “thank you for a great day.” Mentally we have officially said, we have some incredible lives so we’re going to be given that reality tomorrow.

It’s not about living in a fairytale. It’s about seeing the normal we deal with today AS the fairytale. All its little grievances and all. And the more we practice that, the more we’re going to see reasons to celebrate that. Why would God/Source/The Universe give us more to be grateful for if we’re throwing it back in the face and going, “pfft, that was it? I wanted MORE and you gave me so little!” If a friend did that, what would you give them tomorrow? Precisely. Consider that the next time you think finding a nickel was worthless. Had more than you had a few minutes ago. Celebrate. Be grateful. And again, like a friend, that doesn’t mean you have to be all, “Oh my god, this is the most amazing moment EVER!” but a nice appreciation for those little things you’re given go a long way.

Hope that was helpful in describing what IS the Law of Attraction. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments. More to come.

It costs nothing to be a good person, but your life will change because of it.


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  1. Yes! I most certainly agree that our wants, dreams, desires, and even our basic needs are oftentimes achieved by how much effort we put out in achieving said things. Energy, thoughts, actions- all of these come back to us in the forms of success or failure. Whatever “vibe” we face any challenge with will be garnished in the end result.

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