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Today’s been a good writing day and then some

Today I received my final exam from my Creative Writing Course I’d enrolled in. As I mentioned, that story will be available through here for free. I just have to get it ready to release. I may have done so, but I’ll go check. I’ll let my newsletter subscribers know too.

If you’re not subscribed, you can below.


It took a minute to get my brain into writing because I’d finished the last scene in a way that I realized I could add in a scene that took us back in the life of Sawyer and Kenley, and introduced a little more of the background for Kenley being the way she was, but also in how they met one of their pack.

I was able to tie in a few more story threads in the chapter I wrote today too. At the end the reader may wonder if what they’d believed was the truth. I write a line that states a totally contradictory statement to what’s been shown. Wasn’t on purpose, but after I typed it, I nodded to self, and said . . . yup. That fits. So then even I’m asking myself . . . so . . . what’s going on?


Any of you seen the show, The White Princess? It’s based off of the book by Philippa Gregory. I’m behind, I know. It was released a while back. I’m only just now getting to it. But I’m a few episodes in, and like The White Queen, I am really enjoying it.

Creative Writing

Here is the last note I received from the Creative Writing Instructor. I’m humbly grateful for the notes and comments I’ve received on my writing from this course. For their time they’ve taken in reading and grading my work, the constructive criticism they’ve offered me.


Today’s numbers for Savage Lands.

Started with – 23,315 words

Ended with – 25,554 words

Total words written today – 2,239


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