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Discovered the opposition

Writing this, I knew that one of the antagonists for these creatures was gonna be humans and the government who wanted them back. But when I was playing with the idea and thinking about the landscape and things that may also prove to be dangerous, I knew that there had to something else out there, not just humans, that posed a danger.

Being that these are essentially werewolf like beings, they had to have a danger that was equal, if not greater than they are. Now, these aren’t typical “werewolves,” in that they are impervious to all, that it’s super easy for them to change shape, and everything is wonderful. These are beings who’ve been living alongside humans for a very long time and are very much like them in ways.

So if they shift into a wolf, they need the health and energy to. Being out on the land for a while, scavenging for food. Is that going to make them the top of the food chain? Hardly. Like the humans, they are trying to find food, but being werewolf-like, I’d imagine their bodies have a fast metabolism so to be able to arrange the cells in their body to form the shape of a wolf (they can do it when they like, there is no “full moon,” hold back), they need full bellies. They need good health. It’d take a lot out of them to manage such a change.

They are not in that shape. The Alpha’s pack may be in better shape than Kenley’s since it’s larger and I’d imagine as with any hierarchy, they find the better food, and don’t bother to leave anything for any other packs who may come through. Which leads me to the realization, it’s part of the natural order anyway. Smaller packs could be defined as weaker. In Pyotr’s eyes, that means the weak must be eliminated. So it makes sense for that part too, that he wouldn’t waste the effort to leave anything for other packs. IF they find something? They’re gonna devour.

Anyway, back to the main point. I wasn’t sure what opposition they could have, but I knew there needed to be something. Otherwise if it were just human and just government, then they could hide, no big. But seeing that humans are also struggling to survive and few of them may want to go out on the bare land to try to hunt these guys unless necessary (I can see hunting parties forming for those “would-be” hero types though – “let’s eliminate every last one of ’em!” I hear in my head), it doesn’t make sense. So today it hit me. How would the government keep these guys in line outside of handlers and fences and the like?

Their opposition was born.

Featured image – while I was putting away laundry, I saw the difference in size between Lucy (9 lbs) and Mila (70 lbs) and had to take a pic. lol


Today’s numbers for Savage Lands.

Started with – 17,481 words

Ended with – 19,135 words

Total words written today – 1,654


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