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So much to focus on at once

Today we had a bunch of details going at once so the majority of the scene was a lot of this all happens at once.

Trying to get it all down and tie it all in was the trick. In edits I’ll be able to really pull it all together, but writing it feels funky during the moment.

Now we’re slowly getting into the story so I’m gonna have more to talk about as we go on, the thoughts in the minds of the characters, and the stuff they’re fighting with. Didn’t get as many words in as I wanted, but I didn’t write for a full hour, and I got distracted near the end too. So no big. I’ve been above my normal, “I’d like to hit at least 1K every day” count. Evens out in the end.

Really had been hoping–outside of writing–to get the lawns mowed, but the dry weather didn’t happen as they’d said on the news. Would’ve mowed yesterday if I’d known that. I had a strong hunch we’d see wet today, but still didn’t get out there. With the Shih Tzu’s, I try to keep on top of the lawn because Kona for instance, isn’t as tall so he gets all wet and icky from the morning dew when he goes out, lol. He’s a little on the short stuff side.

The new mower my mom purchased two years ago is a battery powered mower and actually handles the wet grass fairly well, but I’m not going out there when it’s actually sprinkling and soaking wet to work. Not the same as a gas mower. The one I had has handled the damp and thick tall grass really good though. Better than the gas I’d had before this would. Or very similar to it.

If I remember the correct one, this is the one I have – 20 in. Ryobi – If you’re interested in going rechargeable, it’s a great one. I can go down to 1″, or up to 4″. I go long when it begins to heat up so I can conserve water.

They recommend storing it inside, but we don’t have “inside” free space to store it so I just made a spot under the porch for it, put it up on a place I made (folded up, it’s easy to pick up and move), then wrapped a tarp around it. I keep it that way to prevent water from getting on it – it’s stored that way between usages. And I’d last charged the battery during Fall of last year (again, if I remember correctly), and when I grabbed the battery from the shelf in the kitchen two weeks ago, I was still able to do the back yard. I probably could’ve done the front without a charge too from the looks of the battery power when I put it on to charge. So the charge holds well. I can do the back and front 2-3x before I have to charge it.


Today’s numbers for Savage Lands.

Started with – 4,371 words

Ended with – 5,161 words

Total words written today – 790


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