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First glimpse of the Alpha

Went to bed late last night – super late compared to what I usually do – so today I’m beyond tired and sluggish. Also because of lack of sleep, mood took a nosedive. Think there’s a full moon too, and I have found lately that I get emotional just before those happen. So odd. Why did I go to bed late? Because I stayed up to watch Aquaman.

The graphics and the like were incredibly done. Personally I prefer the bad little brother to Aquaman though. lol I like big boys like Jason Mamoa, but I find that the more popular someone gets and the more “oh my god it’s Jason Mamoa!” the more I’m more eh. Aversion to wanting to jump into the fan club and “sheep” mindset I think is what causes it. I lose interest in the “it” think when it becomes an “it” thing. Maybe one more reason I’m usually the outcast to things and stick to myself. I am a black sheep, folks. As an actor, I really like Jason though because I’ve seen some of his more action oriented movies and I really enjoy those. He’s good at that sort of role.

As for the story, today we’ve officially seen the first glimpse of The Alpha. I think because he’s such a big deal and the lone surviving male Alpha, it’s the reason he tends to be “The Alpha,” in capitals and all. In my head I see it that way so I’ve been writing it that way. It’s a title.

As Kenley is running, she catches his eye. I think in that moment that they both feel something (not spoiling with what that something is), but because it’s a heightened moment, they don’t realize it completely. I now see how Kenley is going to receive her injury though the Alpha wasn’t trying to have that happen. No I’m not going to give the spoiler to the scene. And brain is wonky from so little sleep (this is why I don’t do the stay up late game) so I’m gonna use the remaining fuel to get some editing done before it craps out on me, lol.


Today’s numbers for Savage Lands.

Started with – 2,791 words

Ended with – 4,371 words

Total words written today – 1,580


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