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Finishing up Don’t Go Far redo

My plan with running through Don’t Go Far real quick was to refamiliarize myself with the story. I figured I may as well do a quick edit on it just to be sure I have everything clear and it all makes sense with the overall story of the world, not just series. I think I’ve only really put in a few major changes. Or, what would be considered major. It’s just a few notes (sentences) that I’ve typed in which end up tying in the overall story to the rest of the world.

Not that it hasn’t been tied in. I read through the story now and there are these small sentences of description that fit into the book, into the series, but now make sense for the entire paranormal world I created for the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe.

So it’s interesting the way our brain will compile everything and input these tiny lil things we don’t know tie into a major story. Until after we’ve written everything. Either the whole series or the whole world. In this case, world.

On another note,

I’m almost through with my creative writing course. I have 2 more written exams to go and that is about 2-3 months of work to finish. Just depends on how long it takes to get through it all. My latest written exam was to complete a short story and below is the response I received back from the instructor. I was very pleased. It completely made my week last week.

After this course, I may end up saving up to take Holly Lisle’s How to Write a Novel course, or find a course to take on image design – to help with book covers. Not sure. That’s way in the future though. I will have my hands full once this course is over because I’ve been unable to write. So I have a year and a half worth of books to complete (that’s how many ideas I have built up), first.

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