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Time for some titles

We are closing in on the time I begin to write. It’ll be the stories I’ve been outlining for the past few months while I’ve been finishing up my creative writing course. I say outlining, but it’s mostly playing around with scene ideas in my head and writing information down. Not fully pulling out a story outline. I only have about 25% of the story really worked out.

I have a bunch of them. So that means I have quite a few story titles to figure out. If you’ve followed me on Facebook, you know how this works; but if you’re new, I’ll explain. I like to use other people (occasionally) to help me determine story titles. For me, if it’s meant to be attention grabbing, then if I’m not already settled on a title? It’s a great idea to get the opinions of random people and friends. Because you’re the ones walking through the store, intent on not grabbing this book, and I want your attention! lol So I’ve discovered the titles that work great are the ones I have used other opinions. Then I’ll pair those top titles against each other and a few new choices, then decide which to use. (I don’t have results turned on to see on these polls for that reason.)

Each link goes to a separate poll. I have about 9 or 10 titles I’ll be working out. For now, only 6 are listed. About the only thing I’ll have as info to go on (besides the title) is the genre. Only because I need to keep the polls separate so I know which is which. Please don’t allow that to alter your opinion.

All I really need from you, however, is your top choice. Pick the title that grabs you. If one or two (or three) do, check multiple boxes.

First poll –

Second poll –

Third poll –

Fourth poll –

Fifth poll –

Sixth poll –

If you’d like to add anything, do so down in the comments. 🙂 If you’ve seen one of these titles, lemme know! I do my best not to reuse another’s title. I would appreciate that.

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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