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My 30 Days of Play challenge

One of the things I’m going to talk about more is what can be boiled down to Law of Attraction. I don’t want to strictly refer to it as LOA because the majority of Law of Attraction lately had been based on us lacking and wanting. On doing something, on controlling an outcome to achieve a goal of “something.” Working hard to get what we want. What we’re missing, we want to bring to us. And it is so much beyond that. I don’t want to get caught up in labels that trigger a misunderstanding. And it goes far deeper than I want this, gimme.

It can all be boiled down to attracting what we want, yes, but it’s also deeper. Deeper inside of us is the magnetic force we cultivate that draws in what it is we seek, need, or want. It is within us that creates the life around us. And as with any things, I’ve found that the majority of people now who teach Law of Attraction are selling you something. It’s not necessarily about teaching you the tools you have to empower yourself and your actions, but in paying them to do things for you. Not everyone, obviously. The “teaching” comes after a bit of free enticement because at the end of the day, they want your money. So for a small fee of $9.99 you too can get my ebook that will each you to change your life and attract what you want! For $500 I can coach you into chasing after what it is you want and then be miserable when it’s not achieved! Because I’m not teaching you, but rather telling you how I did it, and you’re a dodo for not getting it so pay me more.

A bit of negativity got in there, yes. But one thing I have hated seeing more of is the 3-strike then sell marketing routine. I hate people taking advantages of others and not really offering help. It is based on a marketing strategy to get you to buy what you think you need, make you fear-based at the end by triggering that “buy soon or you’ll never get this again, you NEED IT!!” urge in us. And that bothers me. Someone chats you up, acts friendly, says sign up for their free “giveaway” and then what follows are 3 emails getting more personal, telling you a story about their life (I hope none of them lie or that would annoy me worse), and then in the 4th, that is the buy email. At the end of the story, they say, now you can buy the “how” here. Or some similar spiel. And it’s all about the sell, not actually you and helping you out, which is why many fail.

When someone does that to me, I honestly lose respect. I understand we all need to make money to pay bills. But it is equivalent to someone on Facebook friending me and then telling me to buy their book and offer them a review. Never speaking to me (or doing it for that lone purpose), and never really giving a real toot about me, other than me being another number. That is not respectful to anyone.

So I wanted to bring up more about my life, and the processes that I’ve been learning and studying since I was in my early twenties. There were many changes that I made back then before The Secret came out and became popular that was based on similar teachings. The particular book that I came across which truly set me down this road was called Being HappyIt was a huge change in my mindset back then. Now being younger, I didn’t fully grasp it, and it took me quite a long time to truly appreciate it. In many ways I still am, but I learned that I was able to change a lot of things, simply by thinking about them. That by using my brain more, and visualizing things coming to pass, that it helped my entire world change. That by thinking “on the bright side” versus, “oh no, this is going to happen,” my world improves.

That doesn’t mean we don’t go through things either. We do. Many call it a spiritual awakening. If you’ve ever read what Eckhart Tolle went through, that can be what it is. A dark night of the soul. A depression in which your entire life is thrown upside down and everything afterward, is different. How you view things, how you react to them. I’m going to also go into that as well.

From there, I slowly began to accumulate more information surrounding that area and learning how the human mind works too. It took me a long time to finally read The Secret, and I’m very glad at this point that it worked that way. Had I not read that initial book, I feel that I would have been a little lost in figuring out The Secret. That first book really talked less on “manifest 1 million dollars!” and more on, “by changing your thoughts and how you live, you’ll see that you’re attracting more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.” No quick fixes. So I guess you could say, more on the psychology of the brain versus working hard to gain something and then feeling bad that that “thing” isn’t coming to you because you lose patience when it doesn’t happen fast enough.

Obviously not everyone who manifests feels bad about not getting something, and not all manifesting individuals are doing it for negative reasons, or superficial reasons, etc. I didn’t feel it necessary to include the disclaimers because I know all of you are intelligent enough to understand that. And smart enough to realize every single one of us will experience different results based on numerous differing factors that I couldn’t begin to list.

For a long time I’ve kept things such as that to myself. I haven’t wanted to write too much on it, or speak about it because? At the end of the day it was fear. It was “there is plenty out there, who wants to read ME speaking about that?” It was a limiting belief of nobody wanting to see it/read it. Or coming across as arrogant, or believing that someone else would see it that way. Like, what makes YOU so special?

Again . . . fear. Limiting beliefs. Feeling not good enough, not worth speaking on it. Much of it was my own, much of it was taught to me, much of it was experiencing it so the reality of dealing with it before, and that setting me back behind the fear so I wouldn’t try again.

But what makes a teacher worthy of teaching? What makes an expert? Learning, reading, studying, practicing, living. I’ve been doing this all my life. I’ve loved psychology, quantum physics, astrology (planetary effects on us as a whole, and individuals). I could go on. I have all this information within me that I hold in. When in reality, the way I explain it may be the way that helps someone finally understand it. So who does that help keeping the information to myself? For what reason is good enough that I would learn all this, have all this information to share to maybe help that one struggling to figure things out, and not share it? Not in a force-down-their-throat method. Because if someone doesn’t come across this post, no harm. Not everyone will see this website either. Someone may be guided to read this post and future posts, and like I’ve found, it may be that trigger they needed. I am just an ordinary person wanting to help that individual who this will help. Or, giving them other ideas to help.

And frankly . . . I like to help. People may label me as a people pleaser and ya know what? I am. I please people because I like to and because it makes me feel good to help and be of service to others. I also like to please myself and that random stranger on the street I’m standing behind in line for the ATM because maybe they need to get home right away, but I don’t. So what’s wrong with that? Again, people consider the negative right away. “Well, if that person is people pleasing, they’re harming themselves. They’re not taking care of themselves.” There is always a positive & negative to everything in life. So there is a positive side to being a people pleaser, which can easily turn negative if we’re not balanced, and we’re over-giving. And vice versa. If I didn’t take care of myself, first, I would never be able to take care of someone else. I’m tired of that old storyline.

So I’m going to be speaking more on those subjects and to hell with anyone who has issue. Of course I care, but it won’t stop me. I’ve never been a person who was so worried over other people and what they thought, that I forever did what they wanted. I find as I get older, I care less and less about their opinions and more about the ones I help. It’s not about not valuing individuality and what others think and feel as well. Any good leader takes in counsel, then decides for themselves. I tend to live that way. If I want opinions, I ask so that I have more information to ponder in my head, then I can make a better decision. But at the end of the day it’s my decision, and it will always be mine because I have to live with it, nobody else does.

It’s more about me understanding that all the more. Take me ten years ago and much of what I’ve come to realize and see, I wouldn’t have been able to receive. Until we are in that place in our lives, and with the way we think, that we can truly receive information, we just won’t understand it. We won’t get it.

And maybe that’s part of why I also didn’t write about this a lot. It isn’t just about receiving. It’s about sending it out. I wasn’t in a place where I could truly express these things in a way that many could receive it. There was still much for me to learn on how to express it in ways that isn’t just black and white. To understand it from many different viewpoints so that my words could be clearer.

Think of a teenager. Their brains are hormonal. That’s not meant to be a joke on personality or anything, but it’s the phase of our life where we are trying to figure things out. So many changes happen physiologically, and our brains are working overtime to process the world around us, and form a singularity. We are learning to be individual. Separate. And let’s just face it: many of us don’t learn that until late in life, but that process really begins then. So to process information when that is happening? Well, good luck.

So until we are actively ready to receive something, to change our lives, we can’t process what we receive properly. It’d be like going back in time and trying to tell those who thought the Earth was flat, that it was round. Or telling them that one day they will chat with someone across the world . . . on a small screen they hold in their hand . . . that they can touch and make do things. Until we are ready to learn, that information eludes us one way or another. The person who needs this, will find it.

As someone said recently, “meet people where they are at.” If someone doesn’t have the same beliefs you have, it is okay. Eventually they may learn. And if not, they are not bad people, and you aren’t required to force them to change. That’s just where they are at,which is okay.

My 30 days challenge – 30 days of play – is something that I’m working on and I realized that I can’t fully gain the tools I need for it, unless I slowly and progressively figure it out with other thoughts and people helping out. My idea being that you can change your entire life in 30 days for the positive. My idea being that with just 30 days, you can slowly step into a world that you only wanted to have. No, I am not selling anything don’t worry, lol. This isn’t a program at all considering others out there have that.

30 days doesn’t mean that in 30 days you will become a millionaire and have a million followers on a social media platform. Or a thousand pets and a massive ranch. I don’t. It may just mean that you gained one extra minute per day that was all about you and made you incredibly happy. The idea being that we–in only THIRTY days–can slowly reprogram our mind and our outlook. Which is what TRULY changes our life.

30 days to change your life can be simple. It can be extravagant. If you’re depressed then those 30 days to change your life can mean that for 30 days you are committed to just getting out of bed. Not getting dressed, not making the bed. Just getting OUT of bed for 30 straight days at a certain time.

At the end of those 30 days, your entire life has changed. And guess what? You also changed the world in doing so. Because whenever we focus on the good more and don’t stay down in that negative space for 24 hrs a day, but maybe one less hour each day? We have made the world a better place. And that ripple effects everyone around us, even if we are not interacting with them. Like a wave it will build.

What happens at the end of the 30 day challenge? Either you’re done, or you begin another 30 day challenge. Keeping with the example above, maybe this time we will make the bed. So for those next 30 days, we are now not only getting out of bed, but we are making it. I know to many that might be a small thing, but if you’ve never been that depressed, it’s hard to understand. But it is a big. freakin. deal!

And again that cycle repeats. For the next round we’ll commit to just 30 days – completely that’s it. You don’t have to continue those 30 days, you don’t have to think of anything after that. JUST THIRTY DAYS. That. is. it.

You only have to worry over one thing to change – or multiple, big or small – for 30 days. 30 days to change your life, 30 days to change the world. Everything we do impacts everyone around us. How often have we been miserable when we woke up and then everyone around us seemed to be so too? Because it’s like an energy wave we’re casting out. Or a net. We could say net. If I’m miserable, I’m sending out a grumpy gus vibe and then someone picks it up from me, and they bring it to another one who encounters them. And on it spreads until it comes back round to us from some random stranger.

Now imagine what that would be if we found ways to start our day in a gentler and kinder way? Exactly.

Many have confused my way of outlook as “unicorns and rainbows.” They believe that I don’t live in reality, that I don’t see reality. I have lost 4 pets this past year. I see reality when I cry myself to sleep at night for months because of ONE of their losses. When I go through my day, suddenly see that they aren’t there, and start to cry. When writing this causes me to tear up because of how much I miss a certain one in that time. It’s not about avoiding reality. Life has things that happen to us. But that pain reminds us to appreciate the good in life. Having a heartbreak increases our realization of how good it feels to love and be loved by someone or something who doesn’t cause it. We would never appreciate the good without the bad. We need that balance in life. Utopia will never happen because it isn’t balanced and eventually the negative crops up – even just because people would get bored, or someone has to do something negative to balance and keep others in that Utopia place.

So yes, we get down days. We feel tired. We lack patience. We LEARN from those experiences how to have more patience, or get through that situation the next time it crops up. We learn not to stay down there in those places when they come. We learn how to adapt ourselves and we learn how to recover from the negative places faster. We learn better ways to cope with those feelings too.

It’s not about not experiencing and seeing those moments. It’s about not living in them. It’s about finding solutions to our problems, rather than spending weeks in “oh no!”

We are not meant to be miserable and unhappy. Not too long ago I learned that Jesus wasn’t actually poor like people believed he was. The robes and the donkey he rode in on were staples of those who could afford them. The richer folks in other words. Also that he taught manifestation and he wasn’t just some guy who preached about love, but he tried to teach a lot of what we’d consider “new age” concepts back then. Consider someone like Echkart Tolle. He was just trying to teach us to live in a place of love. To treat each other kindly. To realize WE are the ones who hold the power. I was fascinated by that. I’d link the source if I could remember, but I believe it was a documentary on the History Channel or something.

Not everyone will care about these posts and I understand that, but I will probably end up working them into my story analogy posts as I’ve been doing. It’s fun for me to psycho analyze my characters and use them as examples because they give me the situations I can discuss. But I may also do prompts to help on ways for us to bring more happiness into our lives, on things we can do, and anything else I can think of to help that along. It would be nice to have interaction from people who do this and want to sign up for their own challenge because it’s a little hard to speak into the void. The void is pretty silent.

I’m hoping this inspires someone and there is going to be a lot more content coming up, a lot more information I will try to share, things that I think could help. Even if a writer chooses for 30 days to just dedicate to writing at least 500 words a few days a week, that’ll be fun to see. So I’m hoping you’ll try your own challenges. And if so, I would love to hear it in the comments. I’d imagine the first of the month would be the best day to say a new 30 day challenge has started. Whether or not the month HAS 30 days or not, it’d work easier for people to keep track of it. 30 days just sounds better. I could call it a monthly challenge too I suppose. That works too.

Lemme know what you think in the comments.

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