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October releases & sparking creative ideas

Going to reshare my most recent newsletter through here so that I don’t have to repeat the information. The link at the bottom will take you to the web version of the October newsletter so that you can continue reading, including the extra I wrote about.

Under Empty Stars – Ellie Versus Stone

“What makes you think you’re strong enough to take it?”

Again he read her with ease. “I may be the only one.”

She smiled. “So why would I ask for one of them? I don’t want gentle and perfect words. I don’t want obsessed and giggles. I want a beast who knows me inside and out. A beast who can handle what I unleash.”

A look of triumph crossed his face then he kissed her and ensured she wasn’t going to want any of the others.


Hello everyone,

Now that we’re nearing November, the weather is finally getting a bit colder, leaves are falling, and I’ve got a couple releases for you to bundle up with.

I’ve been beyond focused on getting all the Dark Illusions books redone and trying to get them out as fast as I can. Since they hold up the rest of my work, I’d rather get them out quickly, but I won’t sacrifice quality for that. So far the last two have gone a lot faster because I didn’t have as many errors. After this, I will revisit Don’t Go Far before moving into the next two in that series/world.

I also enrolled in a couple creative writing courses to find one that would work for me this past Spring. Ended up sticking with the one which is most in-depth and teaches more about storytelling. It’s the one that has me send in writing assignments (short stories) to a teacher who grades them and offers constructive criticism. I was telling Jeanie the other day how interesting I found it that a lot of the information she provides me in her edits is very similar to what the teacher sent me on my most recent examination. If all goes well, I’ll finish it up in the Spring of 2019.

These past twelve months have been a little difficult for me so I’ve been a bit quieter than normal. I’m just focusing on myself. I lost four of my pets and been dealing with quite a lot in terms of the family. The most recent pet was my parakeet, Khaleesi, who passed in my hands just a few weeks ago. A lot of the smoke from fires in Eastern Washington and B.C. came through here and it was just a few too many times for her small lungs to fight back against. Still pretty hard for me to mention any of their losses. Anyone who knows me will understand how hard it is for me to lose a pet. Anyone who also has known me long enough knows that at times like these I tend to retreat deeply into my own world then eventually come back. Someone once called me the Phoenix because of that. It also helps me with a tip I’m going to share below. On how to spark creation in the creative brain.

I am currently at work on the paperback for The Next Chapter – Extended Edition. CreateSpace merged with Amazon recently and all the books were transfered. Not a big deal for buyers who slowly transitioned over to buying from Amazon or Barnes and Noble (for the paperback that is), but taking some getting used to for the authors who sold their books through CreateSpace and used the site to make them as well. So I’m unsure of the timeline for the paperback to be finished right now. I have to relearn the process so I’m hoping by next month the paperback will be done.

This will be one of my first paperbacks I’m building through Amazon’s new system for paperbacks. I’m hoping that the formatted document I have always used will work well with Amazon. Below I have included a snippet from Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Extended Edition.

If you’re interested in purchasing the digital version of DI: The Next Chapter – Extended Version, the live link on where the book currently is available can be found here –

Read the first chapter here –

Enjoy this sweet little moment between Julian and Kat in The Next Chapter. Love his personality. Even at his age, he’s still a stinker – more so when it comes to her. 

Julian warned her with a brief look then swept her off her feet. He pressed a kiss to her forehead and told her, “We’re finishing the conversation later. For now, you need to be dealt with. I’m not putting up with that attitude anymore.”

Kat snuggled into his chest. “Told you your old age slows you down.”

Julian took her into the bedroom and stopped next to the bed. He cocked an eyebrow in challenge when she finished her sentence. Kat’s eyes widened, realizing what she’d just done, then started shaking her head.

“Don’t you dare,” she threatened.

Too late.

He dropped her before she could tell him not to.

She plopped down with a squeak. “Julian!” He stood there, appreciating the view of her lying back on the bed beneath him with her gorgeous smile. A hint of irritation pinkened her cheeks, despite the amusement.

“You shouldn’t dare me, baby girl.”


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