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Toasting my lil bottums

We’ve had a steady warm streak here. It’s toasty. Some of the Shih Tzus are a little sick in the mornings because it’s pretty stuffy. The featured image is the picture that I took yesterday while Lucy came to hang with me and Mila. Mila was just in front of Lucy. I tried having the window open and it was a nope. lol It’s 90 here and I have my curtains closed (the light still comes in, but they’re from my grandmother’s house and old so they’re all thick and pretty looking) and a fan on. It’s pretty cool in my room. Mila is lucky in that way. Her hair is so short that she rarely pants unless she’s been running around in the heat outside. Otherwise, it doesn’t bother her much at all. If anything she likes it since we got her from a place over 90 (Cali).

Trying to work on the finalization of the Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition paperback so I should be sending out a newsletter soon about that. I wanted to wait until it was in proof stage. Meaning I was waiting for the proof. Right now I have to go over the interior again to ensure the text rendered correctly. Even just one tiny letter can throw off a line. What I mean is that sometimes when formatting, a sentence will have “–” at the end of it. And in the paperback, that will make it run off to the next line. I have it set so that it doesn’t do that with words, they’ll be moved to the next line, but that isn’t a word. So Word will move that and the quote symbol that follows it to the next line, while the word is still on the previous line. And if it’s at the end of a paragraph especially, it leaves the formatting looking like below basically. I try to catch any of those instances because since I’m the one formatting the books, I try to make it the best quality possible. Even if that means having to redo the interior JUST to fix that one instance of screw up. Because if I notice it? I’m going to fix it.

This is how the formatting will look.

“this is a sentence in someone’s speech, then they’re cut off and

Then the next paragraph continues like this, leaving that lone little line and quote hanging by itself. Occasionally yes, there is a few more words or such to the paragraph, but that’s beyond rare.

I’m sure few would notice something like that, but I do when formatting and I can’t let it go. I don’t think when I read books I usually EVER saw things that’d be mistakes unless they were glaring errors like in the Harry Potter hard book I have? The beginning of one chapter is the beginning of the previous. So I missed out on half of a chapter worth of story in the entire book. When I mentioned that on Facebook of course, people volunteered that I should tell the folks I got the books from and they’d probably send me a new copy or something else.

One, I never said I had issue with it. I joked about it (this is where unsolicited advice bugs me to no end as people love to do these days), but in the end, what’s half a chapter? Two, that is such a collector’s item now. The books already are a collector’s version so having it messed up I think just adds to it. I could be wrong, but personally I think it’s hilarious and I love it. Got its own unique quirk. That was the first time I read the book too so I really have zero idea what’s in the part, lol. I figured if I ever DID wanna know, I could just have a friend scan that tiny bit and send it to me. Or find a cheap paperback to purchase to replace. Thousands of ways to get that small part so no big.

But anyhoo, I need to go over the proof so I’m gonna do that now.

Oh, I realized today, another month and I may be finished (maybe sooner) with War of the Lycaen. That is pretty exciting.

War of the Lycaen
Today’s word count for War of the Lycaen

Started today at – 49,720

Ended today at – 50,809

Total word count for today – 1,088

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