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Random chat

I have a lovely headache that is not going away, even with Aleve. That’s usually my last resort because I learned last year or so that if I allow the headache to reach a certain point in a pain way, and I do nothing as I used to prefer, that it’ll develop into a migraine. And then it’s basically have fun on the rollercoaster.

I haven’t had these type of headaches until this year. Not much I can do about it. I’d like to consider it being the fault of the heat wave we’re in, but other than being dried out (I am clearly a mermaid as I suck up LOADS of water) I’m not too bothered by the heat. Although trying to use an old razor (Wahl to be precise) that warms up during this warmth? Not so good as I was sweating last night. Not sure if the newer ones warm, if you have one, I’d love to know in the comments, but this one is pretty old so it does. Granted, I was using it for a while too. Been trying it out on the Shih Tzus. Chewbacca never had issue with it (when we first got him, he tolerated it more than scissors as he was PETRIFIED of scissors near him) so I knew I could use it on him. Like trying to cut Sasquatch last night. He’s just got thick hair and even though he was bathed not too long ago, the boy is a BOY so he’s already grimy, lol.

Anyway, Kona was one I tried it on last night and he did well. I doubt Kendra will have issue I mean lord, the child doesn’t care if I vacuum her. Maybe she’d be better with it than scissors. There was this one vet we took her to a long time ago who I think used force to cut Kendra’s hair around her face and ever since then Kendra has been a struggle to work with. It’s been years of reconditioning her to be okay with scissors near her face. I swear, I don’t know what the woman did, but Kendra was fine with her face being worked on until a vet visit. Think it was when Kendra was spayed. That vet was always like that. Any animal that went to that vet would come home acting as if they’d survived a war or something, it was just nuts. I won’t go into it because even thinking about that ticks me off. It’s just a vibe that I hated seeing coming from the dogs when they’d go down there.

This one we have now they come home happy as heck. Shoot, I think they’d stay and hang out all day with that vet office if we let them, lol.

Anyway, today I’ll be trying out Lucy or one of the others with the razor. Although I am also trying to get the floor vacuumed in the hall so I can steam wash it, and vacuum under the freezer. Glam life of a writer.

Technically the dog’s hair isn’t that long so they don’t NEED the haircut (I do puppy cuts on them) but I am trying out the razor to see if it’d work easier to maintain the cuts for them that way. I have to get a longer comb for the winter haircut though. Probably a 3/4″ or 1″ would be a good length. Lucy especially, with her eye issue now, we do have to constantly keep her hair trimmed. I keep saying we, but it’s me. Kim takes care of all the animals, hair cuts, feeding, bathing, etc. lol And if I had a large property, I’d take in more who needed it. Wouldn’t matter what kind. I found this one girl on Youtube who I love watching because it’s basically me and the way I’d be with a property, haha.

This is her channel –

She’s fun to watch.

*featured image is my view when I was trying to write. Does that Doberman LOOK the same size as the Shih Tzu? She sure thinks so. lol (Cheyenne is on the left, Mila the right side.) Why they have to touch me when it’s so hot, i’unno.

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