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Hmm, didn’t expect that

Didn’t expect things to turn out the way they had. There are (and were) many angles that I’d written out and considered. But now that I’m actually writing the storyline and where Kylarra is headed, I’m a little surprised at her choices.

Goes to show that not even the writer knows where their storyline will flow. All I know is that people better watch out. She’s had more than enough of things from everyone and she’s tired of people treating her like she’s disposable. Reminds me of telling someone back in April or May that my heart wasn’t a revolving door. Basically they could be in my life or not, don’t go and come and continue to expect me to be there answering their letters.

That’s the thing with someone like Kylarra. If you’re not authentic and true to her. If you treat her like she’s disposable? She’ll dispose of you. Oh, she may still acknowledge you, but there is only so far a sweet hearted person can be pushed. They have used her, lied to her, abused her, and now?

Now they better watch out. 

War of the Lycaen
Today’s word count for War of the Lycaen

Started today at – 41,479

Ended today at – 44,083

Total word count for today – 2,604

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