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Where does this lead

Had an interesting turn happen. Suddenly it’s not just Verrick who may have the chance to do something outside of the relationship, but Kylarra. Although knowing Kylarra as I do, she won’t. There are a many things that the girl does to tick Verrick off, to get under his skin. But at the end of the day, since Verrick’s claimed her, not just as the mated claiming goes between Lycaen, but actually in a relationship pairing of sorts (they don’t normally do traditional “marriage” and such like humans unless they’re truly beyond normal pairing), Kylarra hasn’t once crossed that boundary.

I doubt she ever will. I shouldn’t even say I doubt it. She won’t. Makes me wonder what would happen if he died. I don’t think she’d be able to. If she did pair up with another upon Verrick’s death, it’d probably truly be duty. Or so she wouldn’t be alone. But then I feel Kylarra would be the one (like her mother Kat would if Julian died) rare woman who’d chose solidarity. How could she live her entire life loving Verrick and being with another? Sometimes when we give our heart to someone, nobody can ever have it.

It’s not bad, either. I’m sure there are those out there who’d think it was pathetic. But think of the older women who when their husband died (or the husband when the wife does) they never found another partner. They were happy to be alone. Well, not jubilant, but they’d known that powerful love and finding another would just be one of those things they did just not to be alone. It wouldn’t be fair to that other person. Settling for someone just because they’re there? Ugh. For the settler and settlee? lol

They are content being alone after experiencing that powerful love, knowing they’d never have found another. I see Ky and Kat as those types. Ky more so because Sloan was the only one she ever paired with and I think it was because Verrick had been so cold to her, ignoring her, disconnecting from her. So she went with the one who effectively kinda forced her into it, but she was never really there with him.

It’s always been Verrick. And if Verrick were to die? I see her as one who’d choose then to be alone. Sometimes it happens that way. Not all of us are built to be “daters” and have millions of people we pair up with. Only extraordinary will do, otherwise we’re all right being paired alone. I see Ky as that person.

So to think of her as a cheater to Verrick? No matter if they convince her he’s dead, or if they do their best, they’d have to use magic to get her to cheat. No matter how much he pushes her away, how he keeps himself distant, her heart is Verrick’s alone and she takes loyalty seriously. Very seriously. She wouldn’t cheat on him for anything.

That said, I’m also curious what’ll she do when a certain man who is currently holding her captive, starts in on his games. And I’m wondering what his plans are too. I don’t get that intense connection happening with him in that sexual way. There’s something off about it that even Kylarra notices.

So what is his game?

War of the Lycaen
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