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What happens when our consciousness expands

We either meet a person who seems so advanced or spiritual and they seem to know things we don’t. Or we simply can’t grasp and understand a word they’re saying. When I say that, I think of Eckhart Tolle. Years ago I read his book and I’m not sure if it were in one of his lectures or the books where he mentions if someone isn’t in that place in their life, the things he talks about won’t make sense. It’ll be harder for them to grasp. That’s not a criticism, it’s just where we are in our spiritual development.

Not that either way is better or not. Eventually they will get to that place. But I’ve been noticing something as my own spiritual growth has been changing and advancing. Many think of it as “awakening” or other terms, but that’s the most common. Many in the spiritual realm speak of New Earth where more are Awakened and conscious. Meaning that their spiritual side is far stronger than their ego. As Eckhart also discusses.

Side note: I NEVER considered the way it connects to my vampires as “Awakened,” so when we think about the vampire disease awakening in them and waking them up, they are advanced humans. Only just recently that epiphany that’s been in my face actually hit me. lol So yes, I see the huge connection between the two. Now. Now I do, haha. 

Following the spiritual community as my own consciousness expands and I am more understanding of that side (maybe accepting is also a good word), more makes sense. I’ve always been fascinated by science and when I absorb so much of the spiritual information and different sources, I can see outside of all of it like I’m looking at it from above. When one connects into it and yet disconnects it’s interesting because you see how it is all connected.

I’m not talking about religions and their common themes. I mean Jesus in our culture (my culture) is the exact same idol (best word I can think to describe him right now so please don’t take it offensively) as another culture’s. God, etc. The idea we all share is one god, his son, an arising, etc. The THEME of it is similar in all cultures so basically we’re all focused on the same. Now take those who go by other angles to it like those who adamantly do not believe in one entity to worship as an idol like God. Or those who (like myself more) consider it less as one great being in the sky as much as one solid connection between all of us. I see it as an energy (like a scientific source to life in general, not a specific), others love, others call it the universe, source, etc.

But the funniest part of it all? It’s all the same.

Exactly. the. same.

We all believe in exactly the same things. We name it different. Call it different. Identify toward it differently. Some use stones and herbs, the earth. Some use animals. Some use entities. Some use themselves. Some define it as one solid powerful entity. Some identify it as life. Some believe it as manifestation. The Divine. No matter what name it goes by, is worshiped by, or anything else.

It is exactly the same thing every single one of us believe in. 

Doesn’t matter where you believed we came from, whether we came from animals or a man who put two people on earth. Doesn’t matter if you think that because we came from a darker skinned cousin or a lighter skin cousin. We all came from something before us. Life. Period. It doesn’t matter where we came from. We’re all human. We’re all life. We’re all love.

Only those who seek to control want us to live in fear, separation, darkness, and not embrace one another as we are – exactly the same. I know many would have issue with saying they are the same as another. Maybe because they don’t want to be like the person they hate, or they don’t think they’ll be unique. But you are. There is nobody on this earth right now like you. No matter how similar you are to someone, you are also completely different. Even twins. Why? Because your life experience is wholly different than another’s. Even a sibling or family member.

But according to a study done, we are “on average, 0.1 percent different genetically from every other person on the planet.” We’re that similar. That person you want to condemn for whatever reason. That person that drives me up the wall sometimes. We’re only really .1 percent different genetically. That makes for a huge difference in terms of diseases and such, but still. Can you imagine how similar every single person truly is? That our beliefs are truly that similar too?

I think the biggest issue people have with “church,” and “religion,” isn’t even those things. It’s simply the ones who’ve given it a bad name. Like the person who says, “All men/women are a-holes!” Well, what would we say? Don’t judge everyone by a few bad apples. Yet that’s done with religion and spirituality.

I know, I know. I was one of those folks so I smack my own booty for those beliefs. There was once such a disgust in me for religion of any kind that I would leave a room if “God,” was said. Now? Now I watch Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer. Many criticize those same folks. A certain Joel Osteen more so. When one learns more about manifestation then listen to him? He speaks a lot about manifestation. When Joyce Meyer preaches about God? She actually preaches a lot about growing as a human being and being a better person.

Like when she speaks on praying to change herself or the other person, or teaching her how to accept the way they are. See how that is? I took out everything but the pray. Take that out and simply speak on it as if it’s just speaking to the universe or to self. Same thing. Less of the evil idea of religion and more of simply being a good person and preaching about the flow of love and such which works into the law of the universe (science baby!) and the law of the flow. When you put love out, you get it back in a different way, but you always get return. When you don’t hoard money and allow it to go and come freely without you clinging to it, more comes to you. Because the universal laws are in effect. When you flow and don’t cling, what you’re emanating comes back to you.

That comes back to consciousness. As our consciousness rises, we become better people. As we become better people, we treat others better, and those around us see that and they too become better. As we change ourselves, the entire world changes. As we raise our vibe and live from love, the world around us as a whole changes because we are part of the collective consciousness. So everything we do breeds more into the world and life.

I’d imagine like myself, someone is going, pfft. Not. What I do doesn’t change anything. Doesn’t it? Have you ever been grumpy and woke up on the wrong side of bed? Have you known someone who has?

How has that changed your day and those who came into contact with you?

Exactly. It’s brought down your day (unless you were outside of that and could see it for what it was and didn’t let it) and made you grumpypants. Then you spread that grumpy outward to someone else. And on that grumpy line spreads down the line in a wave so that the next day you may feel much better and be doing great. But that grumpy is still working its way down the line of people coming into contact with one another and the wave is flowing outward. Eventually one day it may turn a corner and round its way back to you and suddenly you’re going to encounter someone weeks later who is just an ass to you for what you think is no reason.

It is a reason. That literally hit me as I was writing it. I mean in manifestation we are taught that what we put out comes back to us, correct? I wrote it down up there as the law of flow. So your grumpy today is filtering to your neighbor. Your neighbor filters it to another friend. That friend passes it to their boss. On and on it goes until that clerk you deal with five weeks from now is a butthead. What? lol

Well, that is what they teach in manifestation. We are not creating our thoughts and our world for right now. We are creating the future we are stepping into which is why it’s important to live from love and a high vibration.

Many, many, many have a hard time thinking “I can’t be happy 24/7 what the heck is wrong with you!” You can’t. I can’t. I laugh, I smile, I giggle every day at least once. Even when I’m in a bad place. At least once a day I will laugh at the dogs antics, but I can still be miserable the rest of the day.  And actually I will be linking to 2 videos I filmed earlier after I ate lunch. Kona fell asleep on my chest. It’s what keeps me in a good place.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m in that place all the time. None of us can be. I don’t care how happy someone comes across. Eventually bubbles needs a break. It’s a natural cycle to be a human that we ebb and flow. The entire idea of keeping a higher vibration (meaning happiness) isn’t that we’re always bouncing off the walls. I think of it more as a content state. Let’s jump back to Eckhart Tolle. Ever see him? He’s not bouncing off the walls happy. But he takes time to enjoy the full present moment and sees the miracles in that leaf, that tree, other things. He truly enjoys and embraces the moment as it is. So in that way he is vibrating at a higher level.

As he puts it there is no bad or good. I was discussing this the other day with someone too. What I’ve been through in my life many would consider horrific. They’re often shocked I’m such a happy individual. But it’s not from rose colored glasses of a fantasy world, but I do try to see things in a positive light. I came to this moment I’m at from all those bad things. I truly understand how to appreciate the good I’m given, I don’t take it for granted.

But as I was sitting here finishing up the edits on Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition after Jeanie sending it to me this morning, I was thinking about the way consciousness works. Everything above works into one thing. Whatever we are doing to ourselves, emanates outward. So too why wouldn’t consciousness work that way? When we are opening up our spiritual side and the gifts are expanding, when we’re becoming better human beings and growing, why wouldn’t it reach outward?

By awakening, you awaken those around you. Just remembered how Eckhart Tolle mentioned how he had this one woman who came into his place and she was a mess. She wanted to use him to vent. And he held zero emotion toward her going off. She just purged emotionally on him. And simply by listening to her, she gathered her things up, and left his home, then the next time he saw her she had completely changed. Was like a new human being.

All he’d done is given her nothing but taken everything in. He didn’t offer help, didn’t coddle her, nothing. Simply listened and she worked out her entire problem on her own and ended up actually growing as a human being. It’s almost like consciousness is something that can be taken in by another. When you’re so solid emotionally like Eckhart has become, it doesn’t matter what you’re encountering. By being that presence that is non-judgmental and emotionless (not that you don’t care, but you’re not reactive I mean), by just listening, you’re effectively going to help another awaken their soul and become better.

We can help others become better human beings and awaken their spiritual sides by doing nothing more than doing it for ourselves. Then like an infection it’ll spread outward by the light we’re spreading. I know that’s a weird way to explain but it’s a simplified and easy way to put it. Best I can think of right now. Sometimes the simple explains it better as it’s a better visual, lol.

We become the guiding light. I even said that to someone the other day and she took it wholly wrong. Her assumption because she wasn’t ready to hear something like that so it didn’t make any sense to her was that it meant I was saying change for the other person. It wasn’t. That was completely off track so I left it alone. I said we become their guiding light. I meant that we become a guiding light for others when we change because it inspires others to grow and become better too.

That brings to mind this man who was on one of my questions I typically post on Facebook (right now I’m on a social media vacation). I don’t know why I was doing it, where it came from, but I’d seen a horrible angry post from him about someone who broke up with him. He was much older than me, but I essentially was trying to say he’d find love and it was okay. He came to a question of mine and simply began to scream expletives and telling me to shut up.

Now see, I am not a person who does well with being told what to do. You can’t. I’ll be the person I wish to be. But no matter how much he tried to make me angry, I couldn’t be prodded into that place. He’d tell me again and again to shut up that women were horrible and cheaters and growr. I kept telling him that as long as he was trying be cruel I’d only treat him with love and warmth so if he wanted me to stop he had to quit commenting, I wasn’t going to stop giving him love and warmth.

An amazing friend effectively shut him down in an instant by just showing up pretty much, lol. After that day the guy completely changed. He was respectful and sweet.

Now I’m not saying go around and harass people with love and whatnot, but part of it that was really getting to him the most was that I wasn’t reactive. I’m generally not. No matter how much someone tries to wind me up, only by being disrespectful to me will I finally get reactive. I’m very easy-going and calm otherwise. I didn’t feel this guy’s comments were from anything but hurt so I knew that was partly why I didn’t react, but that’s definitely one of those moments that I think of. He still shows up on my posts. The same one who’d been saying women were horrible and all were the same and on and on the insults came.

Now he interacts with people just fine on my post. I know, a huge part of it was that friend of mine, lol, BUT that’s also the steady presence. Because my friend wasn’t reactive either. As we grow, we become people who emanate a presence which changes those who encounter us and does something to them. It changes the world like (yes I’m going to use this description again) an infection. Consciousness is an infection, there I said it, lol.

Becoming a better person I have noticed makes others around us become better people whether they realize it or not. As I grow my spiritual side and I change, people who encounter me change. And I myself become a brighter light for those around me too. I’ve always joked that I was a lucky charm to have close but it’s also true. I think much of that stems from when we consisitently imporove oursles and our lives, we become that for those around us. It becomes a circle of light around us that when people get close to it, they are blessed by fortune as well. The brighter we shine, the more light is shined upon those we love and those who encounter us. We spread that love and awareness outward.

But I will repeat this like a broken record. It starts with us. WE have to change US. THEN we change the world BY CHANGING US. By bettering self. By becoming better versions of ourselves than we were the day before. We aren’t actively doing anything outside of ourselves and our life. That’s the thing. That’s the thing people miss all the time. They think when their partner does things to make them happy they will be happy. They think when their mom or dad does this or that. When their sibling changes themselves to please them. When this person changes themselves. Well if only they did this.

No, no, no. NO. lol

You want to change them? Change it in you. Yup. We’re back to You. Me. NOT them. NOT the president. Not the government. Not your teacher. Not your mom. Not your partner. Not outside of YOU.

NONE of that is YOUR source of happiness. NONE of that is YOUR self. You are everything you want different. You are everything you want changed.

Change yourself. 

Whatever you want changed in another, change it in you. Period. Nothing more. Change your life, change your world.

That is how you change everything else.

Be selfless to yourself. Not selfish in an arrogant everyone has to please you way. Become a better human being. I’ve noticed as I do that, my spiritual gifts heighten too. So there’s that plus. I am a natural healer and I’ve had psychic visions my entire life. As I grow and my consciousness expands? They become heightened. It’s very interesting.

So let’s start raising those vibes and being the guiding light for others to do the same. NOT changing them. lol Change yourself. I’ll repeat it a thousand times. And yes, to myself.

Need a smile, here are two videos from Kona sleeping on my chest to get that day going or ending on a bright note. ❤ (Please note the videos are on my new channel – so if I don’t update this and they show as inactive, it’s because I’ve deleted the channel they were linked to.)

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