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Intuition? What is that?

Intuition is that small whisper that you feel within. If you ask yourself a question, a tiny voice will speak within you and guide you. People doubt it, worry over if it’s right, etc. But it’s not the one that you can doubt. It’s a knowing. It’s the one which deep deep deep inside of you will say that.

Intuition comes forth when you meet someone and you just know . . . that’s my person. Intuition comes alive when you go to the pet store, to the breeder’s house, to a friend’s home to pick a puppy out of their litter, or the shelter and you see that dog, puppy, cat, or other animal that says . . . that’s my pet. That one.

Intuition isn’t something that always remains strong, either. Like any muscle (it’s not a muscle, really but go with me here) you have to strengthen it and work on it. Guide it, listen to it, and relate to it. As time goes on and you listen to it more, trust it more, eventually it does get stronger, louder, and much more powerful. If you don’t use it, listen to it, strengthen it; yes, it will grow weak.

Part of it is because you’re forcing logic into the mix and not wanting to understand that just like animals, we are in tune with the energy of the world. The planet has energy. It’s not hocus pocus (I was going to type focus, haha), it’s not witchcraft. Like animals, we are based off energy. That’s just science.

Have you ever seen an animal relate to a human being after being abused by them? Have you ever seen that person who animals simply come to? We all give off an energetic signature. That abused animal (or wild animal) that avoids everyone suddenly walks up to someone and its tail begins to wag. Why? Is it because that person has food and is bribing it? Or is part of it because that person’s energetic signature is pulsing and sending off currents that tell that animal everything it needs to know beyond the food?

Intuition is picking up on that energy. I relate to this story because animals are everything to me, but also because I’ve been that individual. When a skittish colt would go nowhere near another, it’d walk up to me and start to pick at me with no interest from me. It’d just come up to me. Same as a cat who used to hide from everyone. It’d come and climb into my lap and sleep without me calling it. (Sometimes I did.) People have remarked on such all my life. When I sit on the floor, you’ll know where to find me because all the dogs usually come and lay by me.

It’s not a magical gift. It’s an energetic signature. It’s intuition that animals have long harnessed to guide them to safe places. To know instinctively that this yard is safe to hang out in. That that person is okay to be near. That there is danger close by.

They (animals) don’t communicate in words . . . well, not ones most humans understand. Look in their eyes and they’ll tell you everything. Look into their souls and they’ll speak loud and clear. But they are the example I go back to because their life is about listening to that intuition and allowing it to guide them. And energy is what that intuition is based off. When a storm is in the air, the atmosphere changes.

They are born listening to it so their intuition is very strong. Humans disconnect from that side of themselves, but we are all still animals and energetic creatures at the end of the day and from the instant we come to this life.

When we connect to that side of ourselves, we don’t have to communicate with words to know when someone is lying. We don’t have to use body language to understand what someone is up to. A tiny whisper within guides us along the correct path. Eventually that human brain will spring to life and suddenly we’re recalling that moment that we just instinctively knew (and we were guided by that intuition) the steps to take. When we look back we realize . . . holy crap that was all set up. That was all a plan. If I’d stepped right, instead of left, my entire life would have been different.

Which is what Kylarra is seeing. 

She’s realizing that the night her and Mila were walking down the darkened road, it was all a plan. But by one individual. However, she’s starting to see through this new calculating creature’s brain that everything has been leading to this moment. She hasn’t fully hit that point, but she is getting there.

Her new beast (which she realizes feels a lot more “right” for her) has the mind of a cat. Focused. Shrewd. Cunning. Calculating. Not that she’s any smarter than before, but the wolf really just loved to hunt, to mate, to play. Now she’s embodying more of the feline attributes. They love to hunt too, but have you ever watched a cat when not in their lazy state? They are very focused and when they watch you, it’s not like other animals. They are very much a predatorial animal. They seem to always be thinking about how to get whatever it is. Whether it be to catch that bird on the bird feeder, to get that string you don’t notice hanging from your pants, the ribbon you accidentally left down but that they know they shouldn’t have.

They live off instinct.

And Kylarra is very much honing that in this new form. Her captor believes that like the man she was mated to, she should be quite easy to control. But I think he missed one very interesting aspect that I never quite figured out until now.

That Kat was very much like a cat herself. When she became Queen of the Awakened, many acts of hers were like the cat too. Kylarra has been honed since birth to keep herself contained but she’s got the blood of two very intelligent individuals. She’s been living around alphas and men in control of packs, or others. And if there is one thing that Kylarra has learned in her life, it’s that she must sit back, be patient, and learn.

She was taught that more so by the very man that her captor underestimated. By the very man who helped her grow and to learn better self-control. A man who taught her to hone her instincts too.

So underestimating that redhead might just be to his detriment.

Don’t forget – she doesn’t do well being caged and controlled.

(featured image is the wild baby bunny who has been hanging around our yard)

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