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Words are going strong again

Back in action [with my word count].

Actually I’m surprised I did so many. It really didn’t feel like it. Below I have some fun pictures I’ve been taking over the weekend, and a video of the baby junco who has been a joy to watch. He is just adorable and been enjoying the heat we’re experiencing.

The featured image is a plant I have in the yard. It was a pink flowered and bushy plant my mom had years and years ago. When I began my center island garden there was only one wee little stem of the plant left. So I’ve babied it, multiplied it, and now you see it all over the yard, haha.

That featured image is a closeup of the plant.

I also took some new photos of Mila (so pretty), and recently a bunny. I found a cool option on my digital camera for “pets,” and a “pet tracker,” which means that the camera will follow and find the animal and ensure a clean photo. In the recording phase the automatic focus doesn’t work so well so the video of the baby junco being fed gets blurry, but I got a good shot in the beginning. The blurred out area is more for the sound. He’s cute to listen to. Or she. Could be a she.

On Friday, I sent off

Dark Illusions: The Beginning – The Extended Edition to Jeanie as I’d planned to. I did end up working 30 minutes later than I planned to for that to happen.

Now I’m debating between

Witness to the Moon and Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Extended Edition. As you can see, I don’t even have a page up for it. I’m leaning toward finishing the Dark Illusions series first because it’s the one which sets up all the rest. The rest of the books come after Dark Illusions takes place in most areas. Don’t Go Far is around similar times and before-ish, but I mean that one is already up so it works out.

If you’ve read the series, or have thoughts, I’d love to hear them below. Since Dark Illusions has already BEEN out, and this may be new folks who it brings in to read, I’m pushing to do that one in my mental state. Then I can ensure all the rest follow it properly with the information and all. Otherwise I would potentially have to pull my hair out because I didn’t include certain bits.

So I’m at 80-ish percent sure, lol. By tomorrow I’ll have to decide, at the latest, the end of the week. It’s when Jeanie is going to start in on DITB – The Extended Edition. Deep breaths. Right now I have to go around and unpublish everything in the DI series. I’m sure other sites will have it up for sale and the like, but I’m hoping this will give it time for all to come down, and that people don’t have those available. Only because it’d suck for first time readers to have two options when this one is going to be far better and that first one let’s just face it – I wrote it when I began and I sucked compared to now. I’m being honest! lol You’re never great in the first few books, haha. My storytelling has gotten better and so has my detailing and settings.

The second edition has more information, more clarity, and I’ve added in a whole 30,000-ish words. So that’s a huge difference.

Today I’m going to 

also try to set a form for a free edition. I’m going to give some readers a chance to get this one for free in exchange for a review. It’ll be on the honor system. I don’t need the link to the review. I don’t need to see your review. I am just asking that you do so, but I won’t be verifying if you do. Learned long ago that the expectation of folks actually reading and reviewing a book that one gives away for free ends up in maybe 10% doing so.

So it’ll be completely up to you to honor that, to do so, and to get a free read in exchange. I’m not a person who demands great reviews either as that’s false advertising and if you don’t like something about the book then that may be what someone else likes, or vice versa. Reviews are for readers, not the writers. And good or bad reviews can be good! The person still took the time to read my books (SO grateful!) so why would I say anything bad about them? Makes no sense.

Also I personally have disliked some books of Stephen King and yet I consider him my number one writer that I’m a fan of. So again, bad reviews can be great! I have learned a lot from people who’ve come to me with negative comments. I don’t search or read reviews as everyone knows because otherwise even if they are positive, they WILL change my writing. I’ve often heard the comment that it helps you grow. I don’t believe it does. If you have time to be sitting at the computer, searching reviews, reading them, and trying to gain information, you’re not growing, you’re stagnating. You’re relying on readers to tell you how to be yourself, and to tell you how to write to please that one reader. Or that percentage. That’s a fine line.

Yet who are your biggest fans? Usually may not come from people who DO write reviews. They are people hoping to read what you come up with. I struggle to write a review, but I can absorb and take in a ton of books from people I love. Because I’m spending my time reading, learning, growing by learning how to story tell. And not from people writing reviews online. People want OUR stories and us to grow for US. Not for reviewers. Don’t get me wrong, I WAS that person who went out of her way to read them in the beginning and I realized I changed my books and writing for those few people. They did help me in one way to come up with ideas, but in another way, it didn’t teach me how to come up with them on my own for that series and story. I allowed readers to tell my story how to go to please them.

Sidenote: reviewers are wonderful people so hopefully I am not sending the messages that they aren’t good people or valuable. That’s not my intention, I just believe reviews and the people who give them are for the readers who come looking at the book, not the writer. I also don’t think people who d read reviews are bad, I just think it’s an energy suck we don’t need as writers. Spend time on writing and learning to be a better writer, not reading reviews. Also don’t allow me to tell you what to do if it doesn’t feel right, lol. That is never my intention.

And as well meaning as a reader can be, I have also learned that originality comes out of us, not others. YOU need to tell YOUR story. NOT someone else’s. Train the brain to help you by only relying on yourself. I listen to people who are in my inbox because that is for me. So I allow you that privacy when you review. Write a hateful review, that’s on you, and that’s if you dislike my book that much. Write a wonderful review, that’s on you, and that’s if you absolutely love my book. I will not change your review. I have also faced that. Someone actually told me what to write, how to write it. I only changed some of it because it didn’t change my review that much. But I never again did so because it didn’t feel right. I’ve had others who only wanted me to review if I gave positive. Or told me to. Nope. And double nope. 

Why the hell would I be so arrogant that I tell you what to say or try to alter you to fit what’ll do me good? You may do me good if you post a review that’s honest, but not so favorable. Doesn’t make you a bad person, doesn’t make me a bad person. Doesn’t make you a bad reader or me a bad writer. It says you don’t like something which is all of our rights. Or you love this or that. That is totally authentic and I am so truly grateful for your honesty and that you took the time to read my books, even if there is something you dislike or totally hate. That hate may mean I made a GREAT character too! lol

So thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU.

Here’s the fun photos and videos. ( Note if I don’t get this updated and hte videos are removed, the channel was deleted. They can now be found on the NEW channel here –

Baby buuuunnyyyyy – he’s same size as my hand almost. So small!
After feeding baby junco is sleeeeeepy.

Watch for the form coming soon for the chance to get a free copy of Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition. 🙂 Sign up below for the newsletter to be SURE to get it and not miss out. 

P.S. If you end up thinking of a friend who’d like the book? Once it’s yours, feel free to share it with them. I LOVE sharing amongst friends! It’s my brother who introduced me to many of the authors I like now by giving me the paperback. So yessir, you’re welcome to share.

War of the Lycaen
Today’s word count for War of the Lycaen

Started today at – 19,039

Ended today at – 20,366

Total word count for today – 1,327

If this is email and the form is funky, you can go to to sign up.


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