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One of those days one can’t escape as a work at home individual. Everything that can throw me into a tailspin is. My words suffered and a certain older individual is just . . . yeah. Lots of sighing, yelling, etc., from them so dogs are picking up on that and being a handful. Even when I was trying to eat lunch, it was pause, stop, pause, stop.

So I’m just posting word count and moving it along. And sure nuff as I begin this, dogs begin cutting up so I gotta deal with that.

On the bright side it’s a sunny day after a few days of disgusting rain–the rain that instantly soaks you through when it touches you–so lots of baby birds are out of the nest and adorable as all heck. I was telling Jeanie a few minutes ago it’s cute because they are fluttering about and chirping like crazy. Meanwhile you have parents going back and forth trying to keep track of their babies as well as ensuring other babies that aren’t their own are kept to their own places and the parents are staying in their area. Like, “you keep your kids over there, we’ll keep ours over here.”

War of the Lycaen
Today’s word count for War of the Lycaen

Started today at – 18,316

Ended today at – 18,972

Total word count for today – 356

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