Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


Verrick’s revenge

So in fact we find out that Verrick’s bite is . . . nasty. In my head I saw the after effects, but until I began to write, there was no guarantee on how it would turn out.

Today we find out that we don’t want Verrick to bite us in his beastly form! It’s not the Lycaen form, either. Oooohhhhhhh what she say? lol

When Verrick’s in his full form–as we’re learning he can choose–of the beast, not the half-shifted, half-upright typical werewolf we all know self, he is dannngerous. See below. Although I’d think Verrick’s snout is a little longer than this precious puppy. But I saw this the other day and went . . . oh, that’s nice. This is from

Kylarra woke up to find someone in a not so good state, but I left off with her not knowing that it was Verrick. I could go on to get to my “at least 1000K words a day,” goal, but I really want to be DONE with the Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition edit so I can send it to Jeanie. Brother’s buggin me for some tea, so now I post this, go do that, and get back to editing. 🙂

War of the Lycaen
Today’s word count for War of the Lycaen

Started today at – 16,330

Ended today at – 16,936

Total word count for today – 606

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