Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


Oh, she got herself in trouble

So admittedly he should’ve expected that reaction. One doesn’t prod a redhead for long and expect them to remain casual complacent beings, more so when they are known for having a temper and being protective of their mate. And even more when one knows who their parents are.

But then Luke understood exactly what he was doing which is most likely why he called Verrick a big dumb brute. No. That’s Kylarra’s reaction basically, haha. No. One does not put down her mate (even if most of the time she wants to ring his neck) in front of her so blatantly and expect her to just sit idly by and smile sweetly. It’s not because Verrick is dumb. Anyone who really knows him knows straight up that the man is incredibly smart and he’s just a very impressive individual. He’s wise too. He only likes to act like he isn’t. Or at times the things he does, it’s easily to believe him something different.

So she reacted. Without much thought behind it, the animal within her wanted to protect her mate, and the redhead came forth in a fiery blow, which then led her to go, uh oh. Luke hasn’t really shown her who he is before. Sure, she’s stuck in a cage and naked and grimy too. But for a kidnapper, Luke has been fairly decent in terms of how he has treated her. Makes me wonder if he purposely was doing as such to manipulate her, or bide his time until she was properly weakened?

Not really sure, but Kylarra’s last thought when I left it today, was a big ol’ fat uh oh.

War of the Lycaen
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Started today at – 10,410

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Total word count for today – 1,496

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