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We have finished this one and now to the next

Finished Discovery of an Enchantress today at 75,492 words. I was going to continue tomorrow, but the more I looked at that last line, the more I was all . . . no. This is the end of this book.

I could’ve continued, but as I was pointing out to my friend Ange the other day, there is a gut instinct you get for that last line. Gotta trust it. The book will tell you when it’s done. And in this case, the last line was this:

“I know you who are.”

It refused to be anything else, and told me – that was IT. Stop there.

So that is where the book ended up. Now, tomorrow I will be starting War of the Lycaen and lemme tell ya. Again, I love this world, love the characters, but having been eating, sleeping, and living everything paranormal romance and these characters the last few months? I’m tired of them. 

Okay, now I’m laughing at Emilia Clarke laughing, lol. She’s cute. I love her as an actor.

Maybe after this story I’ll pull one of my science fiction ideas from my mind to follow through with. I need a change of pace.

Moving on.

Today was pretty interesting. Mila and Kat were joining together to combine their powers and try to reach out to Kylarra, but then a little somethin somethin happened that (spoiler! no talkie!) they weren’t expecting. Turned out that the connection was a two-way street and may have been expected all along. That’s all I can say without giving details.

Needless to say it was a test of strength for both of them. I mean Kat wants to reach her daughter, she knows she is in trouble, but she’s also battling two sides. She hasn’t been a mother to Kylarra so how does one try to cross this great divide that happens because she hasn’t grown up with her, while wanting to just be Kat and step in all grr-like and save the day? It’s a struggle. Inner turmoil as she wonders what is the best step to take. It’s not as if Kat is used to holding herself back. Kat has always been impulsive and I would imagine once she became a vampire, those animal instincts grew, so trying to control that first instinct?

To be honest I think it’s showing how much she’s grown. And not just because of natural growth that a human may go through as they age, face trials and such. I think it’s also from Julian’s influence. They both have influenced one another. Kat taught Julian to be more open emotionally and let her in, whereas Kat learned to be . . . a bit more diplomatic and controlled I guess you could say. Best way to put it at least, lol.

Which is a good thing for both of them, but most of all right now. If Kat went off into nutto land and allowed those instincts to run without much thought? Well, what did she do the last time? Yes. As she told Mila, the streets ran with blood.

But then I think we haven’t seen everything Kat is holding in. I think beneath there is a mother who has been slowly raising in temperature like a pot of boiling water, and she’s been biding her time. Every step of the way she has been thinking, calculating her moves, waiting patiently.

Until they find exactly where Kylarra is. Until they find out where she’s being held.

Then the Queen of the Awakened will unless her inner beast and go after that daughter she was forced to give up.

And I don’t want to be in her way when she does.

Because like a good Queen, she is taking in all the information from all around her, listening, and making a decision on how she’ll act.

But now we’ve reached the point where with that line above? We’re seeing that it’s not just Kat. I really like that about this final series. All this time we have seen hints of the power of these women. In Kat’s final story of this series where she took center stage (Fury of a Queen) and now Mila’s (Discovery of an Enchantress), we are seeing how strong they are. And that final line up there truly shows that Mila isn’t afraid to take on someone that she knows, and may potentially prove to be, a very dangerous enemy.

She still told him straight up, she knew who he was. That wasn’t just like calling someone’s bluff. She straight up called and raised him a higher challenge with that one sentence, telling him that not only did she know who he was? But that she wasn’t afraid, she wasn’t backing down, and he better understand that Kylarra is like her sister. Now he has two pissed off women who are beyond powerful, coming after him for what he’s done. 

You’d understand that more if you knew the context around those last few chapters, but no spoilies here. :p

To be able to stand up to someone who has shown he’s that powerful and has crossed some dangerous lines? That alone speaks volumes to the courage of these women. And I can’t wait to see what happens in this next and final book when all three of them pair up.

Well, if they do. I hope they do. Who knows what’s up next?

Only them.

Discovery of an Enchantress cover
Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 73,895

Ended today at – 75,492 – Final word count of the book before editing

Total word count for today – 1,597

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