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Low count, but totally fine

Not too many words, but the reason I’m okay with it is because for anyone following this blog, they’ll have noticed that I have been doing nearly 2K or some days over that.

And for the often asked question: Do you have a writing goal?

(Always ask any question you like – I’m happy to talk about the process, even if you’ve never seen the answer.)

Yes, and no. I try for 1000 per day in an hour.  That is my official “goal” I go for daily.

But if my story is flowing well and I’m not distracted, I can easily get in 3000 words. However, on days like today where I started a little late (laptop wouldn’t start for a good 30 minutes so I kept having to turn it on and off), I only got a little over 500, and I’m still okay with it. Why? That’s more than I had yesterday! Not more words that I wrote, no. But I now have 500 more words than I did yesterday. Same I say for money. If I find a dollar? I have one dollar more than I had the day before! Yay, me! *pats back*

I could’ve been writing more right now, but instead decided to write this blog. I have a few maintenance things I’m working on in the background too. Like for my newsletter (see the end of this post) that I’m working on. And a couple others too.

So I’m not even bothering. I know that I’ve been putting in such good word counts, that it doesn’t bother me. If it were days and weeks of only about 500? One, I would be happy that I was still getting words in period. Two, but yes then it would bother me.

I worked up the page for War of the Lycaens again, and then realized I should add another page for the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe finally. There is just WAY too many books and such to have separate. So to make things easier for you and everyone else, including moi, I’ve made the page (still working on it) and will be adding to it. I’ll do a bit more in-depth on it too. Information-wise.

I’m also about to add a bit of a “to-do” list on my home page so that people will see things I have to do, will be doing, etc. This is more for me than anything else, but that way if you come across something I may have missed and need to fix, please let me know. I would truly and sincerely appreciate it. There are so many things that I have to do every single day that I forget. And without going into things, there is a lot of medical issues happening around my personal life so things slip my mind. Everything at home takes center stage and this will most likely last me some years to come at this point. I am always grateful for the help when you spot a broken link, or it leads to a dead end, empty page, an image is missing. That sort of thing. 🙂 ❤

Discovery of an Enchantress cover
Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 73,329

Ended today at – 73,895

Total word count for today – 566

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