Dark Moon Dynasty Universe Discovery of an Enchantress

My word, I’m almost done with this book

Can’t even believe it. I’m not sure where else the story will take me but I am nearly done with this book. I’m not too worried if I stop anywhere around here. In edits, I’m capable of putting in 20K words sometimes and I know there will be areas where I want to add in Kat scenes more in the beginning. Mostly because as I stated earlier, I thought it would be a good idea to merge Kat and Mila into this one, then Kat, Mila, and Ky into the third.

So I’ll see (in edits) if there are a few areas to insert more Kat into the beginning of this book. Soon I’ll be starting War of the Lycaens.

The information that has been leading up to this book is going to be interesting to see come to light.


Discovery of an Enchantress cover
Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 71,778

Ended today at – 73,329

Total word count for today – 1,551

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