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Hopefully this is set up correct

I am nearing the end of this story.

At this point, I’m a lil’ tired of the world, haha. I’ve been reading the past books like crazy to refresh all the thoughts, ensure I’m not repeating information for a negative reason. And then I’ve written 2/3 in the series (I’m at 71K+ in this story, which leaves me less than 10K-ish to where I may end) and in the next week or two I’ll be done and moving into the 3rd. Which means by June. Dang. It’s already June.

Anyhoo, at this point I’m a wee little tired of them. Don’t get me wrong, love the characters, love the stories, and all of that. BUT, it’s exhausting to do one thing for too long for me. I get worn down. I haven’t gotten too bad so far, but I’m sure it’ll be coming. I think since the story is still moving along well, it’s been helping me loads.

I do find myself beginning to want to find a different genre to write in. I seem to keep going back to Sci-Fi or insert science fiction elements into the stories that I’m working on. I feel that I may end up doing loads more of those stories or stories with those elements as I go on.

We will be seeing if this works.

I set my ifttt channel back up to share these blogs this to my Facebook profile. in the WordPress sharing option there is only the ability to post it to one place  on Facebook and I have it sharing to my page. I know, someone out there is going, can’t you just copy and paste the link? I’m lazy. Also the skipping and hopping that opening the page does and copying and pasting the link? Drives me up the wall, slows down my mental process, and then I forget to. I’d rather the automatic post so I know people are getting it, and it’s one less thing for me to worry over. Anything to lessen brain clutter, I do.  And that gives me those extra few minutes every day that I would’ve used on doing that, to get back to my editing. Which adds up.

This is where the quote goes in, “word smarter, not harder.” Almost reversed it, haha.

Let’s talk time organization. How that helps me.

I have also discovered that the more mind chatter I allow (like those little things to remember, accomplish, do, etc.), the more I get lost in time overtaking me and me not overtaking time. Like it controls me versus me controlling everything. Goes back to setting schedules. For creative people or people prone to being distracted (maybe ADHD, ADD folks too, children even) easily, the setting of that schedule and solid do this, then this, then this, allows me to keep control of what’s going on. And for some reason, that small extra task of me having to post to each individual social network or site, will easily throw me off into “where did time go?” and then I don’t have time for what I needed to get done.

Organization and scheduling. Two important things that help me stay focused, get a lot of things done, and allow my brain creative freedom. I know, people are wondering. Schedules and time organization. That speaks of anything but freedom.

Oh, but it is. If I want to zone out for five minutes and allow my brain to roam freely, I can. I know that everything is taken care of until this moment of time, then I have to move onto this.

Okay, I’ll make it easier.

When I get up, I have a set amount of things I do. During the week I know exactly what I’m eating for breakfast, it rarely changes, even the routine. I put the dogs out, use the bathroom, start the coffee, put my oatmeal in to cook. Then I bring the dogs in, settle in front of the TV (only TV I usually watch) with my coffee and my oatmeal, and watch one hour. A show, half a movie, but typically shows I’m interested in. My brain isn’t functioning, I need it to slowly wake up or I’ll have a headache all day. And in that first hour, I’m telling my brain that it will be needed in exactly an hour and a half to two hours for my writing.

The moment I get my workout done, it’s been about that exact time every single day with the very same routine, so my brain already knows . . . now you wake, now you create at high, give me story. And the creativity in me has increased since I began a steady schedule. Brain clicks on, I go to work, then it shuts off for me to once more deal with the cleaning, the dogs, etc., and I’m back here in the afternoon for more creativity (editing, cover creating, whatever).

My scheduling of everything else, allows me brain to understand that everything else is taken care of, my productivity increases outside of the writing, but the creativity for my stories goes into high gear. Because I’m not having to be focused on other things like what do I do now? My brain has full creative freedom 24/7 because it doesn’t need to help me figure out my day, when to put the dogs out or anything else. It can be auto pilot for those things.

The biggest mistake people make about scheduling is how it limits us. I’m not saying creative folks who are messy, don’t stick to schedules, or are all over the place are any worse than someone who schedules (or any better). But have you noticed that the folks who write “whenever the mood strikes” aren’t the ones who have ideas flow so easily? I’m sure there is an exception (always is) but it’d be few. The majority struggle. The more we tell our brain, I have the rest of this handled, you focus on story, and we let that muse fly free, the more ideas burn through us.

And at least for a writer like me who bores easy, and wants to write, write, write, and churn, churn, churn, I want that constant movement. It fuels me in other areas of my life too. I love it. Less stress for me too. I get a lot done in a day. I have time chunked out for what to do and know that when I want to cut loose, I can. Just look at my word count on those days my schedule is on top. Especially when my sleep schedule is on track. If I don’t get my solid 8 hours, oh boy. If I wake after 7:30 AM, yugh. If I can’t go to sleep until after 11 PM, no.

I’m telling you, avoid me, lol.

I will also add before I go that writing a lot, churning a lot of stories out? Doesn’t mean lesser quality. If you think about it, the more I write, the more I practice, the better I get at the writing and the storytelling. If we just write one story and then edit it millions of times? What do you think we’re doing? We’re learning to get good at editing because that’s what we’re practicing, not writing, not storytelling. Editing is not storytelling.

It all goes hand-in-hand.

Practice, practice, practice. Churn, churn, churn.

And until we have the stories to edit, we have nothing to edit.

Write. Edit. Publish. Repeat. Or in my case, write a couple stories, edit one, publish one, write a couple more, then edit one, publish one, lol.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 69,571

Ended today at – 71,778

Total word count for today – 2,207


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