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Got a glimpse of Mila’s life to come

I appreciate all the comments about yesterday’s post. Happy that so many found it worth reading and commenting. Today I’m dealing with a lovely headache that just won’t go away. Aleve is usually my final go-to when all else fails and even that hasn’t made much of a difference so I’ve been taking it easy.

Had to print out Discovery of an Enchantress today. Figured it’d been a bit so better get it done. After going over this old story that has been haunting my mind and finding out that 200 of the pages were not saved in the new file? I mentioned that a few days ago, but figured that was a good reminder to ensure I stay on top of printing out my stories. Used to do it weekly, but I freakin forget a lot. Very close to being done with it. I’m just over 60K at this point.

Last night I also had yet another story tickling my memory. It was going to be a short or novella style, but from my editor’s comment about my originality (in general, I haven’t mentioned that one to her), I had that one pop up. So jotted it down. It has to do with deja vu.

Not gonna go into the story or much else. Headache is still going. I’m trying to get Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition done already, lol. So I’m off to work on that one in just a minute. But first . . .

For my Newsletter Subscribers (or use this chance to sign up)

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Recently, there has been a push through MailChimp to get the people who use their services to ensure that their subscribers want to receive the newsletters. Now, having been signed up against my wishes for newsletters and people believing that since I’m on a social network with them it means, hey, sign me up for EVERYTHING of yours! I can understand this push. This is in regard to the GDPR which effects EU people. But I decided to use this moment to do a list cleansing.

Normally I never do that. I get annoyed with others who do it to me too. There are months where I won’t open newsletters or care to read them, but I am also aware that some email clients don’t mark the newsletters as being read when they are. So when I’m unscubscribed from a newsletter it annoys me. I signed up. I wanted to be on it. Don’t unsubscribe me. Right? Even when I’m moody and don’t check email for a while, that doesn’t mean that if I chose to sign up, someone should unsubscribe. Which is why I typically won’t ever do that myself.

I’ve heard of many who do list cleansings but I think it’s more so that only active people are on it for whatever reason. Personally I avoid it. However, since I’ve had this list for a few years and I went through a time where I participated in the newsletter subscriber thing through Instafreebie where people give free books away in exchange for a signup to the newsletter, I know that many didn’t remain active. Understandable ya know, they have so many newsletters, there is no reason to. Which is why I figured this was a great time to just clean up the list overall and make sure that those on this list really do read the newsletter and WANT to be on it.

Then when I send out a coupon or a freebie, I know I am sending to a genuine reader/fan/friend, and not someone who’s going to have that offer sitting in their trash bin or inbox and not caring one way or another.

Link again – Confirm before the 25th, or you will be unsubscribed.

So if you want to subscribe, here is your chance. If you are already subscribed, click through the link above, go to update settings, and check all three boxes. Otherwise after May 25th, you will be unsubscribed. 🙂 

And if you are unsubscribed, you can easily resubscribe after. But again, if you don’t check all 3 boxes, you won’t get the newsletter. 

This isn’t a bad thing as I said in the newsletter. Just tells them that you want to receive my marketing (me sending you this would even be considered “marketing”) and newsletter. I’m only having all 3 checked in CASE I use them later on, but likely I won’t. Don’t worry, I only keep emails and your first name, if that. But emails are all I have right now.

Link again – Confirm before the 25th, or you will be unsubscribed.


Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started Friday at – 58,538

Ended Friday at – 60,173

Total word count for Friday – 1,635

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