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The Queen is back

Now they’re gonna have their hands full. Not only has Mila made Kat feel better and given her what Kat truly needed (earth’s energy – magic, love, whatever you’d like to call it), but I think this is gonna make Kat feel better than she has in a while. So . . . ya know. Look out?

Let’s face it. When she’s up to par, Kat is pure trouble. And her daughter is missing, in trouble potentially, and momma vamp is not going to sit by and just twiddle her little thumbs. Not when Kat is incapable of that on a normal day. What makes anyone think that the Queen of the Awakened will when she id fully functional?

The Queen is back and boy howdy she is not going to sit idly by.

I also happen to notice that this is near the end of the book. So it’s timely. Because we’ll be switching off to Kylarra soon in the 3rd book, I’ll share that cover now, and the story needs to be showing what’s happening with her now that Kat and Mila are about to work together to find her. Yes, yes, with the others too.

But Mila and Kat, then Ky, are the main focus. I also plan to go over the other four books that I still have to edit soon (in this Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world). I need to really remember everything I’ve brought up, haven’t, etc. I read through a chapter to refresh my mind the other week and realized that I put in a character not knowing something, but in the old book, they knew it or learned it. Which means I will have to mark and fix that later on in edits. Lot of information to remember. This is why I don’t actually remember anything in life, lol. My mind is wrapped up in ze books.

Here is the cover for the 3rd book in the Eternal Souls series.

Also, here are some gardening photos I took yesterday.

Discovered the name of this! London Pride. Those flowers are like baby’s breath, but they are stiiiiiicky.
I’m fascinated that these 3 pics are of the same bluebells, but some flowers are tiny, some more blue, some really big. SAME plant. Literally. Take bulbs, put in different areas of the yard. Soil is fairly similar too (our soil is like clay). Which means that depending on the shade/sun component, they look different.
My pretty ivory columbine coming into bloom. This particular plant is directly in the center of the backyard and has become like a bush this year. I like it. I prefer more natural colors, not bright different colors so this neutral one there looks nice among the Ivy and the ferns.

Discovery of an Enchantress cover
Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started Friday at – 55,895

Ended Friday at – 57,048

Total word count for Friday – 1,153

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