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Loss, upheaval, loss.

It’s amazing how many losses one can go through. Every single year I’ve suffered a huge loss since 2015. 2017 was emotionally nutso and the energies too. It was exhausting. I was hoping 2018 would be better. We are now at May and I’m just tired of all the changes and exhausting losses that keep happening in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot to be grateful for and many of those losses were things I’ve chosen. I don’t regret those choices. I don’t do anything in my life without thought behind it. I’ve also had a lot of wins like getting to meet some amazing new people. But I swear it’s been one upheaval after another lately.

I’m not going to go into the story today, but over the weekend I decided to take out this story which has been haunting me more and more. Not sure what it is about it, but for the past few weeks or so, the story keeps coming to mind. When I originally wrote the story, there was a new take on Neanderthals. To me it feels as if I just wrote it. Well, come to find out that I wrote it in 1999! lol So not so much yesterday as much as quite a bit ago.

Years after I wrote the book, I found other ideas for it striking my fancy. Not sure where they came from, but I played with them and didn’t realize I had so much information written down until yesterday when I was going over all of it. I was trying to organize the information so that I could outline the book and see what’s there, maybe merge the two ideas to make something new. Not that the original wasn’t good, but much of the ideas I had to add TO the original Neanderthal story would fit in and make a longer (and more interesting) story.

It’s good in a way because some of the names ended up getting used in other stories too and needed a replacement.

Also, I discovered it was good because I found the newer file only had 100 pages saved, but the printed out form is near 300. That is a lot of replacing. I found an app yesterday which I was trying out that will come in handy. Microsoft Lens. Or Office Lens –

If I take a picture of a typed up document, I can save and export that file into Microsoft Word as an OCR file. Which means it’ll convert the typed text into a digital and editable text I can work with. Same font in some cases. Size might be different though, but yesterday everything from the old notes were converting so well I didn’t need to alter too much. Even my dashes, commas, and periods were being scanned well. A couple words were goofy and needed fixing though. Considering I have to reinput about 200 pages, I’d say that’s handy though. I don’t mind typing it up since I’ve become a fairly fast typer though.

We’ll see which I use. It does take time to take the image, have it convert, and input into a Word document, then copy and paste into the original file. Might takes less time for me to simply retype the words. I’m throwing that story into the “play with on the side” mix though.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started Friday at – 52,895

Ended Friday at – 55,076

Total word count for Friday – 2,180

Started Monday at – 55,076

Ended Monday at – 55,895

Total word count for Monday – 819

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    • It does convert handwriting, but my scribbled writing it had an issue with. It was half understood, lol. So it it’s neat handwriting, it may work better. If the handwriting is on the same page as the typing, then that is when it does have an issue. It won’t convert it to editable text, but you’ll get an image saved of it. Trial and error with it. I’ve only done a few pages so far with it.

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