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Julian was paying close attention

I shouldn’t be surprised, really. As casual as Julian can be, he’s still a business man so for him, he takes in everything someone says, processes it, and will come to a conclusion in the same time it takes others just to finally hear everything said. His brain is designed to do that with great clarity. Mostly from practice.

And he’s rarely ever had a wrong hunch. Again, instincts and practice.

Julian is helping Mila and Kat come to a realization that neither of them had considered. I didn’t realize years ago when working on the other stories that this would happen. Never even came into my mind so I’m just as surprised as Kat and Mila to find this out, but wow. It all makes sense now.

On another note 

I’ve been thinking about death recently. Not sure why I was, but it goes along with the stuff I’ve been giving a lot of thought to recently that I wrote about in my Consciousness post – Consciousness. 

I was thinking about how people fear death, or how others go around doing their best never to kill anything (I’m referring to those who value lives of bugs and insects they find in their homes to the point they save them and walk them outside) or else they feel terrible over it. Some are so sensitive they’ll cry. This is not said in judgment. I cry like a baby over losing a baby chick who I’ve only had for a month. It can take me a full day to mourn it and still hurt even now and that was well beyond ten years ago. So no, I would never judge someone for their feelings.

That doesn’t mean that I agree with going to great lengths not to kill rats that invade and bring disease into (or around) my home which can then get my dogs sick. Things of that nature I see more as a necessity and for the health and well-being of other animals and the humans too. So as bad as I will feel for harming an animal, I will still do what is necessary. In this case I even refer to us not as invading their homes, but they are invading our living spaces (neighborhoods) because of over population of them.

Which can then bring up the question of mother nature and where we fit in as yet another animal of hers and how to keep certain species of animals from over invading, or are we crossing the line, and many more thoughts on that.

BUT my thinking on death and consciousness led me to thinking about whether or not we may be an instrument of help to allow someone to die as they were to be reborn as something new. Doesn’t mean I think we should all go around killing off one another or anything, gosh no. But each of us have a certain time we’re to be on this earth. Even if our life is cut short, I am starting to believe that though it came as a surprise to us and those around us, it’s not a surprise in the grand scheme of things because we reached our limit. Think of those who can live to over a hundred. People don’t really know what is each of our lifespans.

Ask someone how long your dog will live. How long your child will. How long anything will. You will be given an estimate and nothing more. Even then, the estimate will be off. Nobody knows the exact amount of days you or I will live, let alone our dogs, cats, or anything else.

But maybe each of us have it. Even if we face near death experiences, we think that we almost died, but in reality we were nowhere near real death because it wasn’t that day, hour, or minute that was our time to go. Same with our pets. But when it is that moment we are meant to go, there is nothing that will come between that or the universe may step in and find a way to completely end our path so that we may leave this life and (this is where that consciousness thought came in) move on to the next. We served the life purpose we had that round, and needed to move on to the next. If you think about it in terms of rebirth, then it’d make sense because we need to exit this body to enter the next at the moment it’s coming into the world.

And no, I don’t believe it’s necessarily a human body. I could get into that too, but my thoughts were based on how we will accidentally step on a bug and it dies. We believe it’s an accidental death and if we’re people who truly value every single life as important (I am not above saving an ant from drowning in a pot in the sink and placing it outside to live, lol) then we regret the death of that bug under our foot, don’t we?

Minus slugs. I am not regretful of the death of a slug except for the nasty slime on me. Sorry slugs, you are a disgusting creature. Maggots too. And rats. And termite worms. Yuuuuugggh.

Anyhoo, what if we were supposed to do that though? What if we think it’s an accident, but mother nature gave us a little push to help her–and that life that needed to move on–nudge that life into a new one? Same as when someone crosses the street and a car comes out of nowhere. They were meant to move on at that exact moment.

If we think about it in that way, we can almost see death as more of a release. As a good thing. We could see it less as a bad thing and more of a reason not to celebrate per se as much as just realizing that it wasn’t such a bad thing. And it could even lessen some people’s fears of death. Not as an ending, but as a beginning.

Yes, I’m fully conscious as I say this of ghosts or whatever you’d like to call them. Energy that hasn’t moved on. I’ve seen enough, and had enough experiences, that unless I was there, I wouldn’t believe. Tell me you heard a male breathe out next to your ear as you brushed your teeth, that your spine tingled, and you instinctively stepped aside as if someone was physically standing there and leaning down and I’d wonder if you imagined it. Because I wasn’t there. I didn’t experience it. Only . . . I did. That made my entire body wanna skitter and wiggle like there was a bug on me. Pure instincts kicked in and I stepped aside without even thinking about it. AS if I was moving so that someone could have that space. Then it hit me that I was by myself in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and how on earth could there be anyone there? But I heard that exhale. I felt that presence of a male form beside me. I couldn’t deny that moment if I tried.

So where would the above thoughts fit in then? Just because we die, doesn’t mean we lose our minds and have no conscious choice. We still do have free will. Not all of us are going  to stop being control freaks. I’d imagine it’d be our choice to hold on, even if we don’t have a physical form to hold onto. We’d have to be open to letting go of that control, releasing ourselves, and moving onto the next phase. Think of all the books or movies we’ve seen that talk about going into the light.

My older brother recently made a good point, which may in fact have slowly put this idea path in my head along with my thoughts on consciousness recently. As a writer that is something I am used to. I think up a story idea, allow it to percolate  deep in the subconscious and slowly it begins to shape without me aware of it. Things I read, hear, take in, they all add to it. Then out pops the story in full form (sort of) one day.

But my brother had said he believes the “light at the end of the tunnel” people talk about is basically the reentry point to a new life. Like the baby who comes into the world, out of the mother’s womb, and they’re seeing light for the first time? Sorta like that. If we tie that into what I wrote previously, and even this, that also makes sense. But again, it’s up to us to choose that. It’s our free will after all. Though we (still, this is all my own thoughts on the subjects – thoughts not necessarily solid beliefs as I’m constantly changing them with new information) may have a destiny and fate that is already written out before we come into this world, that doesn’t mean we don’t have free will. No matter what divine path we walk on, this is also up to us to choose to freely go on it. Even when we divert off that path, the universe is going to align us (here’s again where I say if we go along with it) with that path again. But what I’ve been finding is that aligning ourselves with that path makes things easier, flow freer toward us. Not easy as in it won’t be work, but easy as it we don’t feel like we’re moving through sludge as badly.

I imagine for some individuals who come across this, it is over their head in understanding, or they don’t care, but for the one who reads this and enjoys it, that’s why I’m writing these thoughts out. Maybe I can offer some new ways of thinking about things. Because as I said, I don’t necessarily hold these as solid beliefs. There aren’t too many things I do hold in a solid belief because frankly I always change. My mind is always going with new information I bring in. And I’m fascinated by considering new ways of looking at things. To my brain it’s great fun to simply ponder and not really hold to one thought as “set in stone.”

I mean really, is anything set in stone? I know many believe the Bible as fact, but isn’t that even up to interpretation? Think of how many times it’s been translated. Things change. Not even that one book is set in stone and fact. One day a new language could be found which changes a few more words in a statement and suddenly people drift along with that viewpoint into another. Maybe one belief I do have is stay open to new things. New thoughts, new ways of looking at it (whatever IT is for you), new information. New, new, new.

Speaking of new

here are a few images I took today and yesterday that you may enjoy. Pretty new birth :p No, I didn’t plan that.

Mom? Are you done editing yet?



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