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Currently at 49,045 words with Discovery of an Enchantress

Thought I’d share this featured image pic. I just shared it with my editor. Normally I don’t mention Khaleesi, but this is her little setup. Today is warm out so I have my window open and she’s chatting away with the birds outside. I’ll reshare it below too in case the entire image doesn’t show right. Sometimes that happens with vertical images.

I didn’t realize how close I was to nearing the end of this book. I usually quit around 80K or so, and if I’m already at 50K?

Funny. Works in well with the information I’ve been getting, but now I gotta speed things up in the telling of the story because I have a lot of stuff that’ll happen also in the final book. Hopefully it will all space out right. Usually does even if I don’t really plan it out.

They realize that Julian is holding something back though. The connections are being solidified and they realize now that Sean and his clan tie in with Verrick and his pack. They know now that they obviously are connected to the same school. I’m going to have to read over everything I’ve written before (not just in this story and series, but in all of them) to remember just what all I have and have not included. Otherwise I may mention something as having been said before when it wasn’t. One bad part about writing without planning every detail out. By memory (when mine isn’t the best anyway with all I do every day) one can forget whether they’ve planned on writing something down versus they have.

I haven’t had that problem too much. Just trusting my creative brain has worked out well in the past, but because of how big all this is, and how much connects back and forth, I don’t want to screw it up. Readers would have issue as much as I would with it.

Here is the featured image again in case the vertical version for the featured image doesn’t show all.

Many have issue with giving birds mirrors, but I have mirrors all over my room to give a false illusion of space (I like sppppaacceee) so it’s not something I purposely have on the wall for Khaleesi. They are on all my walls, and it works. Doesn’t feel so closed off. And Khaleesi doesn’t pay too much attention all the time to the mirror anyway. She loves watching the dogs and me too much, haha.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started Wednesday at – 47,148

Ended Wednesday at – 49,045

Total word count for Wednesday – 1,897

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