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I took some photos with the camera on the new phone brother surprised me with last month. I was testing out the zoom and such, here are the results. Any such blurriness is more my hands give a little shake when they are holding a camera and in such a close zoom, you’ll see the blur happen if I’m not careful. Still fun photos.

The featured image is a quick shot of Cheyenne  yesterday. She had herself a date with a doctor so I put her in her shirt. This is the shirt –

It says, “Dogs rule, cats drool,” lol. Totally her shirt. She brought the ‘tude. The reason for the vet visit (don’t remember if I mentioned it) was because at the top of her spay scar, she’d developed an infection that the vet said was really common (because it was her herniated belly button being fixed) but usually it looked far worse in other dogs. People sometimes assume with us having a pack that each one doesn’t get individual attention so I don’t think he realizes that unlike other people, not only are our dogs taken care of individually by myself, but as a pack, they are actually well behaved. Not perfect, no pack is, but they aren’t as insane as even some homes can get with just two dogs.

So he was happy the wound wasn’t looking worse than it sometimes did in other dogs when they had that happen, but he put her on Clavamox for 7 days, then yesterday she went in to recheck the wound and finally get the stitches out. Needless to say she was miss prancy butt because she was feeling so much better thanks to the Clavamox and even the attention, haha. Last night she was harassing her brother Kona, trying to get him to play with her. She wasn’t allowed to for all this time and she missed it.

As for the story

Today was a lot of information being shared about the real beginning of the Awakened and filling in a lot of gaps with others. I believe they will be finding out tomorrow that the original five clans weren’t the only clans, but that there were others. Or are others. Ones they’d heard of but never came across maybe?

But Stefan realized a huge connection between Kylarra and Verrick, and the information Julian is sharing with them. And then tomorrow that information is going to connect to Mila. So it’s going all over the place, but they’re finding out their separateness (lycaens, vampires, and enchantress/witches) aren’t as “different” as they always believed. In each of their worlds/existences, there was someone trying to eradicate all the good and decent in that line so that the monsters would rule and destroy the human race.

In my ancient, ancient history that I came up with, man was created strictly for food. Adam and Eve were to propagate (how crude, right? lol) to produce more and more humans to serve as food for the beings who walked the planet. I forget who created man in my history. I want to say Chronos, but don’t quote me. Yes, I mixed and matched Roman history, Greek, Christian, and many others. Why not? This isn’t fact-based history. It’s a story from imagination.

I’m fully aware that there will be individuals who get offended at the Adam and Eve reference, even including Lilith and the stuff from real history (few discuss) that speaks of her being shunned by Adam because she wasn’t obedient to him. And when I say real history, I mean what’s written in the bible and other circles of religious natures in that way. Not real as in, we came from them and it’s a fact. I just mean real as in your and my world versus the world of my fiction. 🙂 Whether it’s fact or not in our world has zero to do with this at all.

I spent many months researching different history so if I wanted to write out the timelines and such, I can actually go back to the beginning of time completely. Beginning of light and darkness. That’s why in my stories you will see reference to The Root of Magic as a history reference and book. It will be a historical reference book that I hope one day to compile into a whole solid book fans and readers of this world can really delve deep into. It’ll take years to compile so there is no way I would rush it. Until this series is done, the world, the universe, and even then there will be more to reference. That’s why I also make reference to the book “always changing” itself. Like a Harry Potter book in that way I imagine, haha. Or rather, a book in his world.

Okay, I better get to work on Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition

Discovery of an Enchantress cover
Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started Wednesday at – 45,284

Ended Wednesday at – 47,148

Total word count for Wednesday – 1,864

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