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Yucky kinda day

Just extremely dizzy this morning and I’m not sure why that is. Occasionally it happens. Maybe caused by how I’ve slept or something.

I went out to work in the yard for a little bit which helped my dizziness a little. Mila (of course) helped me loads.

Gimme back my baaaalll.

Really want a kiss from that thing, yeah? I know. Pretty girl. Obnoxious to no end sometimes. But that’s the tiny little thing that I snuggle every morning. Yes, she is tiny. Can’t you tell? Only a few pounds (65 lbs) that collapse on momma’s chest in the morning when momma wakes, so Mila can get snuggle time. Someone needs to inform that child she isn’t as little as the Shih Tzus.

So yesterday I didn’t really have time to write

about the story and things I’d been discovering, but mentioned today I would. Time fell away. There was a lot going on around here. Drawback of working from home. Sometimes life pops up and won’t let you get work done.

Today it was basically a continuation of the story and where I was figuring things out. Mila and Kat are realizing that they’ve been connected in more ways than once recently. And that this mysterious man many of them have come across (coincidentally not Julian – the man who’d know him) may have planned everything that’s been happening up to this point.

Mila found out today she was responsible for much of what Kylarra is having to go through. Not in a malicious way as in she was consciously aware. Oh no. But indirectly? Sadly, yes. She was part of this chess game that this man has going on.

In some ways, I’m starting to wonder if this man has in fact been responsible for a lot of it. Perhaps he’s been around a lot longer than I realize as the writer. His story is tying into a lot more than just one.

Because he’s been sneaking about throughout the stories, I don’t really know if he’s been there all along in the shadows. After all, he seems to have been lurking, plotting, planning. It’s not as if you can kidnap Kylarra on a whim. You’d have to build up a cage strong enough to keep her in. And if one knew of her history, then one would understand the depths of aggression she is capable of. Doesn’t mean she actively attacks people, but putting her in a cage?

Not so smart. Plus, knowing that is the best way to trigger that side of her? It means that this “Luke” fellow has been watching, studying. He has been around. Just because I didn’t know of him until he sauntered his little way into the story (can find his first appearance in the freebie I give out for signing up in my newsletter) doesn’t mean he hasn’t been about.


Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 37,337

Ended today at – 38,854

Total word count for today – 1,517

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