Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


Uh oh. So what did we find out?

Well. Today was a very interesting day. I didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did. Do I ever though?

Mila was busy figuring out how to help Kat after this latest vision. She explained that Kat wasn’t being drained of blood with these visions so why would she think that it was blood that would help her heal? Mila helped Kat to understand that something was feeding off her energy.

So how to find out what that was? Well, always being guided by instincts, and trusting them, Mila figured she would go into Kat’s memories and play a bit. I really didn’t think about how the scene would play out, but it was almost like a virtual reality moment, which was fun. Mila was discussing things with Kat, but it was Kat in the memory (and vision) speaking to her.

It was as if she was in two worlds at once, as well as Kat. While I wrote, I even thought how fun it would be to see that in a movie. I’m sure there are plenty out there with themes of that, but this was my story, and a thought I had of how it would appear. Honestly how it was written, I can’t think currently of movies that it’d be in. But I’m sure there are those out there.

Moving on.

Once inside Kat’s head, Mila figured out that something was off about the cabin. Because she’d been kept at that same cabin for a while, she knew what it looked like. I believe that truly helped her out in this case.

She was able to see that the cabin was different. Something was missing. Something was off.

Only . . . without going into spoilers, she discovered a connection she thought long since dealt with. One in which she proved without a doubt, she is Mina. Because nobody would have a reaction to what Mila found out but Mila. And then the King and Queen of the Awakened were able to see exactly what the Enchantress was capable of when she lost control. That was where I left the writing off at today. The only reason Mila calmed herself after seeing what she saw was because Stefan stepped in and reminded her what would happen if she lost control.

She’d place him in harm’s way.

Nobody else in that room had to worry over Mila losing control over her power except for a pure-blooded Lycaen. And who purer than a King? The first, original?


Then we see this

Finally he snapped, “You will hit me,” he growled bringing the entire room to a standstill.

Mila’s hands flew to her mouth. She took in the window, Stefan, window again. Memories of him burning on the ground, split in half by a lightning bolt flooded her mind, dragging her back to reality. Her eyes widened. Her cheeks bloomed in shame.

“Oh god, I’m sorry.”

Because she remembered what happened. That was a pretty intense scene. Curious how it’ll play out.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 32,999

Ended today at – 35,669

Total word count for today – 2,670

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