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About to help the Queen

Before I get into the story from today

I wanted to mention that I finalized the paperback files for Time of the Chosen just now. Needed just a few minor adjustments with the interior pages.

Update on Cheyenne

Here is a live shot on how little miss is doing.

Hard, hard life.

Needless to say, she is tucked under a blanket next to me, and on top of another. That is Kona’s blanket she is on. She is good. I took her shirt off so that’s why she’s tucked in. Her wound is good. Saturday will be ten days and at that point, she can get her stitches out if we want. We usually wait just a few more days, toward the 14 day mark. So about the 12 days. Depends on the wound as well. Hers is looking really good.

Man I’m tired today. Feel like I could lay down and sleep for centuries.

On to the story

Mila got a taste of what happens when Kat gets a little cranky. At least what has been happening with Kat. I found a line particularly interesting that I wrote. That was Kat telling Mila that when Kat gets that bad, Julian is the only one who can control the Queen, and keep her from attacking someone.

What I found interesting about that line was how within I felt like it was premonitory in some ways. It didn’t just feel like Kat was saying it to Julian and then nothing would come of it. Instead, I wrote it and then within I thought that it may prove important later on. Maybe Kat is going to overreact and the Queen will come out, attacking for whatever reason, and Julian will have to use his will against her? I’m not too sure, but it was something that triggered a reaction within me.

So you heard it here, first.

If something comes of it, we’ll see. I didn’t have plans for Kat like that, but she will do what she will do.

At this point, there is no denying that Kylarra was kidnapped so Julian, Kober, Cage, Stefan and Mila, are going into an action plan. They have to first find out who is behind it. I left off with Mila coming to the understanding that she may know a person who can provide more information, or who potentially is behind the kidnapping. That is what set off the reaction in Kat.

Stefan and Cage were asked by Julian to go back to Lycaen Ridge to see if they can scent out anything unusual that may help them. I don’t think they’re going to run into Verrick. I highly doubt he will want to race home to find Kylarra. And there my mind goes tapping into what may come in the third book. I may keep to the rewind of time before the story continues.

Like how I started this book, Discovery of an Enchantress, I rewound time and picked up at the end of Claiming an Enchantress, with Mila and Stefan. Well, while I was writing the above, I was thinking that the final story in the series may pick up when Kylarra is kidnapped (or soon after), but the main brunt of it will pick up where Verrick is about to visit Kat and Julian, or just after perhaps. But then again picking up after Kylarra is kidnapped is even more fruitful since there is probably a lot going on with her, where she is at, and what has been happening with her that we’re not seeing.

Surely she’s been picking up on those moments where Kat taps into her? Even when Kat has one of her visions of Kylarra. Kylarra can feel someone there. Maybe she knows it’s her mother? Dunno.

But right now, Stefan, Mila, Julian, Kat, Kober, and Cage understand that they need to find out who took Kylarra, and why. They are assuming it’s just for Julian, but is it?

I don’t believe that the only reason.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 31,626

Ended today at – 32,999

Total word count for today – 1,373

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