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A little annoyed

Okeydokes so I figured out why the desktop is working so slow. For whatever reason it’s doing it, the desktop has been connecting at the 2.4 band, and it’s only connecting me at 57 mbps or so. Needless to say, that is very slow and sluggish. Not sure why suddenly it’s been doing that. There was a Win 10 update recently that the computer went through so there is a very likely chance that messed everything up.

Either way, I got fed up and just attached my large desktop monitor to the laptop for the time being. Usually when I’m working for the day, my intention is not to sit around and piddle with the computer. It’s a quick fix, I’ll delve into it more on the weekend, try to figure it out more, but I really need to get this paperback into the submission phase.

This morning I also woke up to a subscriber to my newsletter, letting me know that the link for Kindle wasn’t there on the page for The Culling Cycle. Which is also odd considering that normally it’s automatically added. And since that was one of the first sites that had the book published, it should’ve been shown as a place to buy the book. I’m going to resend a note to let the subscribers know that it’s up now. Most of my readers don’t use Kindle, but for those who do, I don’t want them to have gone looking, only to find the link not up. How frustrating for them.

A lot of frustration today. For some reason it’s one of those days too where my nerves are frayed. Woke up and just been going like crazy, all the while feeling like something is about to happen. Crossing fingers that it’s nothing bad headed my way.

Since I was able to save my PDF for The Culling Cycle on the desktop yesterday, I’m able to just go over it on the laptop. So using the large monitor helps. But I can tell you, if I had any doubt that my chest begins to hurt from sitting at the desktop, it’s been confirmed this past week. I’ve been sticking with the laptop and lounging on my bed to work as of late, and as soon as I began to work at the desktop to format my paperback (far easier on the desktop computer with the large screen), the chest began hurting again. It’s totally my fault. There are few positions I can sit that eases that burden of the muscle in my chest being compressed. I have to sit up straight and keep my back straight, but then it places me at such an awkward angle.

I’ve tried to change the chair, put a pillow under my backside, and so far nothing has been helping me. If I slouch at all, that muscle bunches, tightens, and then the pain begins. Only trouble is that then if I sit straight for too long, it puts the awkward pressure on my spine because it’s not a natural position, and then that leads to aches in my back or my side, lol. This is why I find sitting on the bed (or in a large comfy chair) the best position to help me.

Also why I stay on top of (or try my best to) my yoga for exercise. I found in the Summer when I weed however? It strengthens that particular muscle in my chest and stretches it. If I could weed constantly on a daily basis, that would help loads. I’ve tried other exercises to strengthen the muscle, but so far stretching and weeding on all fours has been my best comfort. And avoiding being at the desktop for more than two weeks at a time.

For those who wonder, the muscle is on my left side, right near the end of my ribcage. And no, it isn’t a heart issue. It’s not a health issue. It’s one muscle that when treated improperly and tightens up without management, produces a pain that can feel like it’s a rib issue, then a heart issue, then a side issue, and then a lower back issue. It’s pretty entertaining how our bodies can work like that. It’s like when you are about to get a migraine (or I am), I don’t feel any semblance of pain anywhere. I don’t get a huge headache.



Recently I mentioned that if I don’t treat my headaches early in the day and I have one, it can turn into a migraine, but what is interesting about that is how the headache will actually seem to go away for a few hours. There is a very mild pressure I may notice in the head, but it’s as if it goes away. Then I see tinsel like spots in my vision. If I continue to ignore that little note which is basically screaming get ready to hold on, then that is the point the migraine hits.

It begins with a slight whoopsie daisy feeling. Then my eyes hurt and the bright lights from a TV or phone can be too much, then the world around me goes wonky. Blurry vision happen. Then comes the feeling nauseous like I’m walking across a boat, trying to find stable ground, but every limb in my body is a noddle, weak, and doesn’t want to work with me. If I can get an Aleve or something in me during that time, it won’t be too bad later, and will go away fairly quickly. By that time I’m headed into crisis mode, attempting to gather water, pain pills, and make my way to collapse on my bed while the spinnies start.

Luckily I’ve learned those subtle signs my body gives me, not just for the migraines about to begin, but the chest problems. Lately it’s been slowly growing tight so I know that I’ll have to lay off the desktop computer soon anyway. Thankfully I’m about to be done with the paperback (if this thing cooperates) so I won’t have to worry over it anymore. I don’t like taking meds, and prefer my own body taking care of it by itself (it’s how I’ve avoided being really sick for a long time) so I’m being careful wif me chest muscle right now.

These are all side effects of being a writer. I also have to baby my wrists when it’s cold so that they stay warm. Recently I wasn’t, then ended up with some mild wrist pain so I went back to focusing on my wrist warmers. Cheap fix for those of you who want one? Ankle socks. No kidding! I grabbed a pair of thick ankle socks, cut a straight line across the rounded toe, then simply put the elastic end of the sock up on my arm, my fingers extend beyond the toe area. Perfect fit for me. It’s been working great. The socks aren’t too tight so my fingers are free to move. Typical wrist wraps weren’t helping me much, nor were gloves without fingers. Ankle socks have been really cheap and great for me.

Anyhoo, focusing on The Culling Cycle paperback so tomorrow I’ll delve into the story.

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