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Connections are being placed

Good lordies. I just texted my editor while I’m waiting for this dang desktop to cooperate. It’s taken me an hour almost to get it going.

My web pages are loading like I’m working on good ol’-fashioned freakin land line modem internet. And then trying to get my book to open in Word? It’s downloading from OneDrive. I’ve never once had that happen where I went to open something from my OneDrive and it had to download and take forever. Usually I click and it’s opened. But this desktop today. I swear.

Don’t really have a choice, either. I can’t do certain things to save my PDFs properly in Word with my laptop. Certain functions don’t work properly for whatever reason though it’s the same version of Word. So when I save my PDFs they are funkay.

Now I’m trying to reset the Wi-Fi to see if that helps things work better. I shouldn’t have to download things from my OneDrive, they should be opening on their own.

As for the story

Mila and Kat are discussing their visions, how they work, finding common ground, and through all of that, Mila is realizing that Kat and Kylarra are playing off one another. She’s figured out that Kat is sensing Kylarra awakening. I left off right there before Mila explained everything. All of a sudden though I woke early and went to bed at a decent hour, I’ve just been extremely exhausted today so the story was flowing well, but I was sluggishly writing. Also got a major headache so I popped an Aleve (only thing which works for me) for it while resetting the Wi-Fi. I have found that if I don’t do anything about headaches like this, they may just inevitably turn into a migraine.

In this house if I go down for a few hours, things are going to be problematic.

But that’s where I left off and where tomorrow will get picked up. Mila forming the connection between Kylarra and Kat. Today she admitted that she read Cage to find out who Kat and Julian were. She didn’t read him FOR that purpose, but it was a side effect of her having done that.

This is where they’re going to start really learning about who may be controlling Kat while in her visions and what’s happened with Kylarra. I realized just now they also have to address the fact the Stefan most likely scented Verrick having been there. I’m surprised he hasn’t brought up that fact. Either he doesn’t think it important, or he’s focused on Kat and Mila working things out. I’m not sure. When I think about it, I don’t have any solid evidence inside of me either, as to why he would.

Okay resetting the Wi-Fi didn’t work so I’m going to try opening the file on my desktop and copying a version to my SD card to work with. This is precisely why I usually only use OneDrive as a backup, not my main work files. Lovely that an older laptop works better than a new desktop. lol

Took me 5 minutes to achieve the above. While still the OneDrive version won’t open. So at least I can work now. With only 40 minutes left to get things done. I may work a little after 4 pm because of that. Really wanna finish the paperback today to get the proof ordered.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 27,811

Ended today at – 29,755

Total word count for today – 1,944

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