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So much to track at this point

Little too busy today, but managed to get some writing in, thankfully. As I shared on Instagram last night, this was the main reason why.

Now that she is feeling better, it’s even more work because I’m trying to keep her from jumping up and down on things. And then let’s not start on her love of hopping up on people when she gets excited. I keep having this thought of her jumping and pulling a stitch from getting caught on something. Obviously that’s just a worry because we’ve only had two issues from any animal spay/neuter and it wasn’t our fault. It was the vets we had taken them to before this one.

One was Kona. Somehow the vet (one I REALLY didn’t like) didn’t keep an eye on him, he pulled his stitches out so they actually used a staple at the end of his little self to secure the wound. I mean can you imagine? The boy cried himself to sleep against my throat that night, miserable as all hell. Almost made me cry that night, thinking about how much pain he’d been in.

The other was Kaley. She was at another vet who I also don’t like. They had to reopen her a couple times because the first time the woman who’d came in to do the surgery, didn’t do it correctly and the wound was reopening on its own. Then the stitches she used within Kaley caused a reaction and the stitches were coming out of her skin (the ones INSIDE the wound, not on the outside). Two times Kaley had to go in and get those stitches removed and fixed. The poor girl was a trooper, but ugh, remembering her having to go back into surgery to fix the screw up that first round, then get reopened two other times to remove the inner stitches because she was having a reaction to them? *covers tummy*

Luckily the vet we’re using the dogs have never had a problem with any surgery. The wounds also are done so well that it’s hard to see any lines. Kaley has a permanent line from being reworked, but Mila has zero scar from this vet and I imagine Cheyenne won’t either. They are one of the few vets I have ever trusted. Would’ve stayed with the vet I had long ago but he’d left. All my animals loved him. And the nurses were amazing. They were the vet I used when I got Sabrina too and had to take her back and forth when she was a puppy because she had round worms. (She’d been birthed on a farm with horses and sheep in the next pen, lol.) Lemme tell you how I would have loved NEVER to have dealt with that. Think spaghetti and cream, but the noodles move. Yeah. That gross. haha

Anyhoo, I didn’t have time to write on Saturday

or the energy, so I wasn’t going to bother. Didn’t even get too much work done on my paperback version of The Culling Cycle. Mostly it was getting it to the point of readiness to start copying and pasting.

Today, Kat and Julian

were getting to know Mila a bit more and Mila was admitting how she came across them. At least how she knew they were Ky’s parents, that sort of thing. I find myself with so much information to track and include at this point that I’m struggling to remember it all. Or find ways to include it all before it’s gone.

It’s like this little ding ding ding in my head that I’m working very hard on trying to find a way to include the information. Then where it’s important since I still have one more story to go through, but then I also have these main view points I’m working on using. There is a possibility that I will have to switch viewpoints and gradually include Kat’s POV in this story, as well as Mila’s even though Mila’s viewpoint is the main viewpoint. And then if I were to do that, then I could include Kat, Mila, and Kylarra in the final book. Their viewpoints I mean.

That’s worth pondering as well.

To celebrate reaching 100 likes over on my new Facebook page, I am going to share a second chapter of The Culling Cycle in the notes.

So if you haven’t had a chance, come by and like the page – – and watch for that note to be shared. Probably a few hours from this post. 🙂

Back to working on The Culling Cycle paperback.

Sooner I’m done with that, sooner I can get back to work on Dark Illusions: The Beginning. Man. I’d hoped to have all this behind me by now, but this year has been a FT job. Anyone else dealing with all these crazy energies? Feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride and I’m supposed to be catching all these hanging flags, but the ride speeds up past them and I’m struggling just to hold on, then we slow, then we loop and I’m thrown all over the place to keep from losing what I have grabbed. lol

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 26,562

Ended today at – 27,811

Total word count for today – 1,249

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