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This is from yesterday. Tried, but failed today.

So freaking tired. I’ve been staring at the page for a while and not able to get my brain to move beyond reading the same sentence over and over.

Here is the reason I’m tired.

Cheyenne had her spay yesterday. She was suffering from a false pregnancy every time she went into heat and it was imperative to get it done. A false pregnancy means she would lose the majority of her hair, lose weight (because her body put it into producing milk for her “babies” it thought she had), and get really amorous. Mother’s lose their hair as a protection for them. When they have to feed the babies and remain near them to warm the babies, they can overheat very easily. If you’ve ever seen a mother dog, you’ll see her panting a lot. So it’s a way for the body to help her. Little hair means none on the belly to get into the mouth of the babies as they feed, and she doesn’t overheat.

That takes a lot out of Cheyenne when she doesn’t actually have babies. It could take months for her body to regulate itself from those hormones, then a few months was all she’d have as a break before the heat would come back, then it’s 3 weeks of intense (our females had an extra 4th week or horniness usually) heat and a few weeks after that, the false pregnancy hits around the time she would’ve had the babies (were she preggos).

For those who don’t know what a heat is. This isn’t a hard and fast rule or stages. When a dog goes through a heat, that first week is just swelling and beginning to spot then bleed, the next is the heavy bleeding, the third is the week they can usually get pregnant so their blood turns a creamy red, then they wanna jump everyone and everything. They know IT’s ON!! The last few days of the heat the ability to get pregnant drops.

That’s why the females act different during their heat. They know the time they can get pregnant. This isn’t a hard deadline so please be responsible with your dogs if you don’t want to breed. Leave it to the professional breeders. It’s all fun and games until you’ve been there and understand how much work it truly is. These are actual living creatures. Not that there aren’t exceptions, but a good breeder doesn’t make much off breeding. It all goes into the quality of the dog they are breeding and their main priority is about bettering the breed and they’ll go to some great lengths to ensure the breeds are strong, pure, and quality offspring. Which is why some dogs can cost a lot of money. Not that there aren’t great mutts and the like, just explaining why quality breeders aren’t these horrible people some believe them to be. That mutt came from that breed once upon a time. So yeah, that fourth week for our dogs usually kept on with that horniness but the heat was “technically” over.

Yesterday while I was working on The Culling CycleI managed to get the first official copy emailed to the friend who inspired the main character, was about to blog about the writing I did for Discovery of an Enchantress, and submit the book to the sites for publishing and everything crashed. Not even kidding. All of a sudden I was staring at a black screen, lol. It was actually good though. It was 4: 30pm, I usually quit at 4 pm and Cheyenne was about to get picked up from the doctor. I had a bunch of things to get done before then. Good thing I did too. Once she got home, she was grumbling over and over and over and didn’t want me to move.

Just remembered that crap, gotta update the page for Discovery of an Enchantress. There’s no information there! So I guess like I was thinking this morning, today is going to be a maintenance day. When I don’t get sleep, can’t focus or write, that’s when I pull up the maintenance work. I work on the covers I need to get done, do these blogs I’ve had in mind, and just those fairly simple tasks that I get behind on. I transmute the energy I have, into useful energy.

Just like when I don’t feel up to crazy town in the morning, that’s when I just eat my breakfast, watch some TV, then maybe do a little crochet while I watch my morning hour of TV. Usually all I actually watch unless my mother has it on while I’m eating lunch, that sort of thing. Lately she’s been having more throat issues so she doesn’t do much. Today it’s a lot of foot pain she is dealing with.

For those who’ve never heard me say it on this site, my mother is 77 years old, and I live with her. Not just because I can’t afford to have my own place at this time, but because it helps her too. I do the house work, yard work (majority of it), cook dinner, take care of the dogs, and all those basic maintenance tasks. The majority of the time she’s okay on her own, but when it gets really bad, then I also become the nurse for her. Every day I’m the caregiver and nurse to the pets though, lol. I’ve got no issues with doing those really down dirty things. I’m used to it. Been doing it the majority of my life so no big. My brother also lives here and has congestive heart failure. He’s been doing much better, but him too, I help out when things get really bad. He’s prone to getting sick thanks to the heart issues. I’m no saint, so please don’t bother to praise me. Just doing what people do when their family gets to that point. You step up or you run.

When my mother complained of foot pain, I told her it’s why I started to wear boots. Being on my feet all day long, I am usually fairly sore and I can’t afford to be off my feet for that long. Although on Sundays, I have become more accepting of the fact that I must sit on my tookus and relax. Replenish my energy.

Regarding the story from yesterday, I cried. I did. I admit it. I was writing away and then when Mila was helping Kat, a character showed that I didn’t expect to. Also it literally just hit me while saying that, Mila sees and speaks with the dead. She has a special connection with the dead. So I just went ooooohhhhhhh that would be why that character popped up. They are dead. Mila has a special connection to the dead.


Brain pause.

While I was writing though, it was a powerful moment that I couldn’t keep myself from crying. It was too special.

Okay brain is slowing down even more. Had a few different blog ideas pop up earlier so gonna work on those, but first see if I can get The Culling Cycle paperback started and maybe the book up on the sites to publish. We’ll see if it works out.

Pretty much all over the place so this is a good place to go poof and quit talking, lol.

Current status.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 22,467

Ended today at – 24,308

Total word count for today – 1,841

2 responses to “This is from yesterday. Tried, but failed today.”

  1. I can sympathise with you!!! My dog, Poppy, has this mysterious skin condition that flares up whenever I take her out to my parents farm (might be in the ground??) Went to the vet once for it but the vet wasn’t much help at all besides giving her an injection to calm her down. Was up late last night giving her a medicated bath and soothing her bad spots with antiseptic cream. The pet shop had this awesome spray that always worked, but it’s out of stock – honestly don’t know what to do LOL.

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    • Oh no! Sounds like it could be. On a farm it could be an allergy to hay or straw that flares up too. Usually allergic reactions cause that sort of thing, unless it’s a heat rash. Has anyone ever mentioned children’s Bendaryl to you or oatmeal baths? You can use children’s Benadryl (make sure it is pure Diphenhydramine and nothing else in the ingredients) to combat skin itchies and it’ll also calm the dog a little too. I can give you the dosage information if you would like. Or look up a recipe for an oatmeal bath.

      Right now I’m trying out something that I came up with for my Doberman pup. It’s a homemade oatmeal recipe that I’m giving her every morning to see if it will help her with her winter skin itchies. She is prone to drying out and gets really itchy. We have a vet prescription for an antihistamine that is doing good as long as we stay on top of it, but it’s expensive to buy it every month. I thought I would try to come up with something far cheaper and maybe a little healthier than a prescription medication. I try to avoid medication. The ingredients I combined are good for her overall health too so we’ll see. I’ve done it for a week, but I have to wait another week or two to see if it’s really helping her. If she’s shirtless and doesn’t itch much, I’ll know it’s working.


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