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Okay so time disappeared

Snug wug baby featured image. Yes, I annoy her. She’s the cute one so I sort of have to.

Not entirely sure where my day went. I got up at a reasonable hour and then poof. Now it’s 4:18 pm, my hands are so cold that I’m struggling to write because it’s NOT warm here though the sun is out. And I do have my wrist warmers on but they aren’t helping.

This morning as I was writing I was inspired to jot up a quick blog. I was trying to get a bunch of things out of my head because I couldn’t focus on the book (that was the reason why I couldn’t). So currently my brain is on overload still. Got a lot of things I’m trying to get done today. Tomorrow is Cheyenne’s spay which means I may not have much time to do anything for the next week. While she’s gone tomorrow I have to try to get some more work on The Culling Cycle done. Working on finalizing things so I can publish. I decided to include a note in the back (chapter more like) of information like I do with these blogs. Behind the scenes you can call it. Story thoughts, life inspiration, who knows. I’ve been enjoying blogging like this and figured I’d start doing it with my books I publish too.

Barely have talked to anyone this past month either. I was telling Jeanie on the weekend I was going to check on her and just went meh. She knows not to take that personal because she’s feeling that same blah energy. And I go through those phases. So we’re honest when we feel that way. Dunno. I think in my head of conversations, but on the outside I’m just not really interested. Barely even talk to my own family and I live with them! lol So if you’re feeling this weirdness? You’re not alone! lol I think many of us are dealing with that.

It’s not a personal issue I have with anyone. Sometimes I simply get quiet or it takes more energy than I have to expend. I’ll tell you if you get that way? Just tell the person you’re with. Your friend, family. It’s a lot easier to tell them the truth and say, “I just don’t feel like talking to anyone,” than it is to lie. We have so much to do every day that it’s okay to tell someone, I just don’t feel like talking.

It’s hard not to take that personal. ESPECIALLY if we see them on Facebook, but Facebook doesn’t mean much. It doesn’t! Facebook doesn’t take much energy most of the time. It doesn’t for me. When I’m bad off I won’t go on there though.

And no, I’m not leaving because of this whole ploy to make it into an evil entity when uh, we don’t have to share certain information if we don’t want it accessed. Is it really shocking that they know things about us? The whole dang of Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., do! lol My privacy is up to me, not Facebook. We can be googled and found plenty information on. Especially those who’ve been online for a bit.

So no, I’m not leaving just because suddenly they are trying to be shown as an evil entity. I’m more interested in why it seems they are wrong, and not the people who took that information. Seems too agenda-ish to me.



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