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Electronics fail

Currently wanting to ring the neck of my desktop computer. I’ve been working on my laptop and forgot just how much faster it worked compared to the desktop. On top of that, I have to update Office Word, and my OneDrive is syncing so that is limiting what I can do. I can’t access my Word program save for the minor features. I need the ones I can’t access to work on Time of the Chosen, and my OneDrive holds the files I need. I can open the latest file for what I need, but the syncing is slowing everything down, including saving.

Even doing this blog post has taken me over 15 minutes just to load and get it set up. We’re heading toward 30 minutes at this point.

The above are the reasons I always include “in case life happens,” in my times I give. Whenever I estimate how long something will take me, I always have that buffer. Which is also why I told Jeanie getting Time of the Chosen out within a month was my plan, but then stated later on to all of you that I may push past that into a month and a half.

I hate giving a timeline and not sticking with it. Feels like I’ve lied. I am not a person who likes to be lied to, even in joke form, or who likes to lie. It’s not in my nature. Lies have surrounded me my entire life. I despise them. Truth, even if it hurts, is much better. One thing that comes to mind is the former best friend who told me that I seemed happy so she didn’t tell me the truth because she didn’t want to ruin that. I told her I’d rather know the truth and be hurt temporarily by it than be led on by a lie (not exact words, but that was the meaning). It’s a false happiness we feel then. When we’re told the truth, it can hurt for a moment, but then we can move on and get over it.

Truth is a huge thing for me now. So even when life interrupts and causes me to replace a “June” date with a “July” date because something comes up, that prickles my nerves. I feel as if I’ve been deceiving to a person or lied to them. My word is a big deal to me. I honor the things I say. At least I try to.

The reason I’m on my desktop and not the laptop is because I can’t format books on the laptop. The desktop has a large monitor too so I can really see all the work I’m doing at once. It took some getting used to. I replaced the 19″ monitor with this one, which I think is a 20-22″? It’s an adjustment, haha.

I tried to format Time of the Chosen with these programs to do it automatically just to see how it’d turn out and couldn’t. I am too much of a control freak, lol. I was wanting to piddle and make things fit what I’ve been doing, but I was limited to what the program and site wanted. No, no, no. :p

As for Stefan and Mila, they are now on their way to meet the King and Queen of the Awakened.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 16,798

Ended today at – 18,888

Total word count for today – 2,090

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