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Don’t mess with the Enchantress please

Bianca, now why would you give her attitude? I get it. Mila comes across as very gentle and sweet. Downright demure and mannerly. She is used to simply accepting people as they are, allowing things to go, and not fighting.


You don’t underestimate and take the enchantress for granted. Because then this little seer is going to show you strength comes from her gentle nature. Mila isn’t brash. She doesn’t scream “look at me!” for attention. Keeps to herself most of the time. She looks after people.


She has also been told all her life that she’s wrong. Something is wrong with her. And where most people would take that and turn it into anger? Mila doesn’t. She forgives the anger and lack of acceptance in people. She understands human nature in a way that goes beyond so many others. There is a depth of understanding within her that simply allows her to open those hands of hers and allows people to be who they are. It is her gift. She is a seer.

You don’t get near her if you don’t want your entire soul turned upside down. She will reach within you and tear out all the dirtiest, deepest secrets within, and show them to you. You will come face-to-face with everything in you that you wanted to hide. In that way she is like an Empath (as an Empath, that gives me a deep understanding of that within her).

That was what drew Stefan into this woman when he first heard of her. As he researched her, people would tell him there was something about her. They loved her and went out of their way to naturally protect her without her asking for it. And yet . . . they also didn’t want to see her again in some cases because looking into those eyes which turned from sapphire to an incredibly piercing sky blue kaleidescope? Every fear, every bad though, every inch of your soul became known. Many described it as seeing their fate in her eyes. Or the feeling of someone creeping over their grave.

So when Bianca gives her attitude? Well, Mila is so self-aware that she can let many things go, but if someone attempts to disrespect her to her face that way? Ignoring her? Well, Mila has to make a clear point.

And she does by explaining that the King of the Lycaens sitting across from her isn’t the one they should fear. Basically telling them unless they want their worst nightmares shown to them, they will treat her better. It really is true too. Mila will show them their deepest fear that not even they realized what it was.

I think it comes from a part of her that hasn’t yet been revealed.

She may just have demon blood in her.

So please . . . let’s not disrespect the Enchantress, k? Because though we don’t want to make Kylarra angry because of her potential for bringing war with her temper. We don’t want to piss off the Enchantress because hi, she can actually take that a bit farther and make our nightmares walk the earth with us for all eternity.

Let’s be nice to the Enchantress shall we?

Got The Culling Cycle back from Jeanie last night. Fixing to work on that right now. Should be done with it in the next week or thereabouts. Shouldn’t take me more than a day or two to go through all the changes. Then that long for the formatting for publication so by next week it should be up in digital.

Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress.

Started today at – 12,246

Ended today at – 13,426

Total word count for today – 1,180

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