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Lunch fit for a Lycaen

Stefan and Mila are having themselves some lunch. I’m not going to write too much as not much has happened and I’m behind and wanting to get into my editing.

If you feel inclined to come LIKE my page and get some daily fun posts and questions, I wanted to let you know that I republished my Facebook page recently. I was led to trying to build it up again. Long ago I did have a page on Facebook, but without going into the long story, I was blocked from ever changing the name and using certain features, no matter how much I shared stuff to confirm that Kim Iverson WAS my name, and Kim Iverson WAS the page name and what it was started under. So, instead of risking deletion as I was, I did it myself, focused on my Facebook profile, but am now rebuilding the page.

I like to post daily questions, random quotes, bits from my books, and even these posts are shared through there daily. So if you feel inclined, I’d love you to come by, like and participate in any discussions you see going. Same rules apply as I use elsewhere. Be respectful or get the boot. Permanently.

You can just click the image. 🙂

Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress.

Started today at – 10,713

Ended today at – 12,246

Total word count for today – 1,533

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