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Well, that was intense

Listening to this great song right now. Recently found it. Loving it.

Woke up early this morning two different times. First was around 4-5 am and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Didn’t help that I felt like I was slowly beginning to burn in an inferno. Not even kidding. I was all great, then the temperature in the body began to go up and up and up. Like a hot flash, but no sweating and nothing else. Then my mind wouldn’t turn off so I got up to use the bathroom and that was enough to get my body to cool back down.

Then I was so tired, I fell back asleep around 6 am probably, and woke at 7, struggling to keep ze eyes open. Course the dogs enjoy me sleeping in, but I’m still getting the schedule back to normal. See for me, I used to wake at 6 am without a clock. Now it’s like . . . well, whenever I guess. Even with the clock going off. I got tired of turning it up because I don’t want to wake my elderly mother up at that hour. So finally, I have accepted that for now, my body is going through some fun times and I’m not pushing it.

Just going with the flow as much as I can.

I watched this not long ago which really helped me. Before I thought I was losing my mind. Though on one of his videos he suggests getting out of bed when you wake and can’t sleep. Nope. I used to have severe insomnia (this isn’t that) and know that you can also program your mind to wake at that certain time if you get up and expose yourself to bright lights. Training yourself to that time to wake. Staying in bed is all I do. Telling my brain and body, no, this is sleep time, not wake time. Even if I can’t sleep.

Spent many years of insomnia and training myself to understand that between those hours it meant sleep. And it works. If I wake at that 3 am hour, I stay in bed. Or I get up to use the bathroom and then go back to bed. That is the final thing I do before I go to bed at night, so I’m resetting my brain to think “it’s bed time,” by doing that same ritual. The other thing is consistently going to bed at a certain hour, then getting up at that time. Also I play out story ideas. Little mini fantasies if you will. Takes my running thoughts and settles it on one single idea. Then I play it out and my brain slowly shuts down.

Ended up getting started writing late (usually do on Saturday anyway) so I only wrote for under an hour. I have been taking Sundays off completely. I don’t write, edit, or turn on electronic devices typically. Shut out EVERYTHING. I am top priority on those days. Hoping the sunshine we have today keeps up tomorrow because it means I get to work in the yard, which I’ll be doing after this post is written up. I wanted to do some editing, but it’s 3:42 pm and 4-4:30 pm is about the time I like to close up any computer work. Only takes a few hours before my eyes hurt and I am capable of getting a migraine from too much on electronic devices.

Thought I would share a picture of where I’m at on Mila’s blanket. Looks kinda funky right now because it is in beginning stages and never been washed so everything is all stiff, lol. This is what I work on when not writing. I’m just about to attach the final square to the fourth row on her crochet quilt blanket. This is the blanket folded up on my desk. There’s only three rows so far.

The featured image shows Kendra from last night. She’s tucked into a recent work of mine, that soft baby pink blanket I made for Lucy, but is now Kendra’s. The blanket was a tad too heavy for Lucy (she’s only 9lbs) so Kendra got a new one.

So today, Mila thought she’d be able to force a vision, and afterward, Stefan gave her a very good analogy as to why she couldn’t force the vision.

“Yes, but maybe that’s the reason. You’re placing too much pressure on yourself to see the vision that it’s not going to reveal itself until you stop looking for it.”

Good life lesson in there too, lol. Of course she harassed him for being a smartypants, and that’s where I ended the day of writing. Just after that little quote.

The vision she did have though was interesting. She was inside of Verrick and outside of him, taking in the town’s reaction to him. All at once. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in her flesh at that time though. That would be very interesting to experience. Thankfully I’m just the writer of it.

So in two days (or a few minutes for them) Stefan and Mila will be in the heart of Lycaen Ridge and see what else is going on. Or see if anyone knows what’s going on, what happened up at Verrick and Ky’s home.

Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress.

Started today at – 9,863

Ended today at – 10,713

Total word count for today – 850

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