Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


Lycaen Ridge – where Verrick rules, Kylarra calls home

Welcome to Lycaen Ridge
Population: 501 500

Where Verrick and Kylarra call home. This is the place we first meet Kylarra and Verrick in Blood By Night

Lycaen Ridge is a fairly quiet mountain town, with quaint homes and interesting characters. I’ve been considering delving into the residents to sneak a peak behind the closed doors and see what exactly they are up to, who they are, and why some humans would choose to move in there.

The majority of the residents who live in and/or around Lycaen Ridge are . . . Lycaens. No shock there. But there are plenty who aren’t werewolf. So it’s fascinating to me that they’d choose to remain around those parts. Not necessarily because they’d be in danger per se, but consider how a teenage werewolf might want to prank a human. Say, shift into the half beast (the upright monster we all know from horror stories) and stare into a window at night? That’s sure to scrounge up a nice little fright there. That’s always been one of my pet peeves.


Plus dark.


So perhaps it’s simply that around werewolves, one can image they would not have to deal with too many rodents, or excess in animals because why would a rat want to take up residence in such a town? Or anything else? But then when we read up on the stories of those town folk, we see that the birds don’t have issues all the time. We notice that little critters enjoy the forest around the town. Seems just living too close to a Lycaen is enough for them to say, nah, I’ll pass.

I’ve went about and scrounged up some images which I think fairly represents the town folk, the mountains, and the town itself, including the sign image I made.

One of my stories talks about the resident, Bianca, and the home she took over from her family. It’s a small one floor, modest ranch style rambler home. I imagined the front walk and home as very similar to these images. You really get to learn about Bianca and Kylarra’s relationship in Bianca’s story of Property of the Pack. Not a story to read if you don’t want the erotic side of the Lycaens. That was my main reason for writing it. I had this idea pop into mind, realized I don’t usually delve too deep into that side, and thought for the fans interested, I would.

Now I’m sure that anyone here wants to see the main people of this town, as in Kylarra and Verrick. Well, this is fairly close to what I always imagined for the house that the Pack Leader would reside in.

A house which sits atop a hill and can overlook the rest of the town. One which has multiple floors (it’s often referenced in the stories about Kylarra going up and down the stairs), but as any Lycaen would want, a home that also blends into the landscape. Yes, it’s bold, but nature is important to the wolves.

The front I see having just as much of a statement, but I haven’t come across any image which really spoke to me. The home was one that I believe Viktor (Kylarra’s adoptive father) was the original owner for perhaps as I have yet to find information otherwise, but now it belongs to Kylarra and Verrick. The surrounding land has enough gravel parking for Verrick’s pack, including enough rooms to house that rogue alpha pack should they come by. They love large bikes, large vehicles, so they don’t typically piddle with little vehicles and need that room to also work on the vehicles.

When it comes to the nature which surrounds Lycaen Ridge, these are fairly good examples.

Also includes some of the homes. Near the main part of town, I think a few residents even take the “cottage” look to heart so here are examples of some of their homes.

Also, some of the Lycaen families which have been around the mountain for a long time, those larger homes I would imagine represent their residences well. Verrick isn’t strict about remaining in town obviously, as Viktor was similar.

Let’s not forget that there is a lake referenced as well.

And then in some of the books we tend to read up on the local Lodge. Which is a cafe and Lodge in one. Guests can stay there. I’m sure many male Lycaens are familiar with that place as some of the females aren’t like a human – piss her off, she will tear your face off. There is no sleeping on the couch. GET out. I’d imagine the owner is fairly used to these big rough men wandering in and asking for a room. There are large meeting rooms available for gatherings too.

I feel bad for them during Spring though. Those big burly fellows are run ragged as referenced in Blood By Night because those females are a handful during that time. Focused on raising their babies, the last thing they want is yet another task so there are many male Lycaens running about here and there and probably end up at the Lodge just for a breath of air.

The cafe has pool tables where the local young crowd love to gather. Here are a few examples visually for Lycaen Ridge Lodge. Including a few door images as I think of the front door being visually eye-grabbing, but there are two. One out front to be appealing, then a second interior which is most likely a similar, or glass door. I see both in my head when I try to remember, but since it’s a small town, but it’s also a pub style bar within, I’d imagine they go for interesting too.

The booths and atmosphere during the night can get subdued.

I imagine the windows near the streets to be open above waist high like this. Since there is a forest surrounding the place and the town adores the landscape, I don’t see them as hiding a view.


Along the bar and counter, you’ll find some very worn stools. There are a few regulars who claim each as their own.

The wall around this one isn’t the focal point, just the door.

If you have any questions about Lycaen Ridge, feel free to post it in the comments. I will ask the residents and get back to you.

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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