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An interesting challenge

1,052 words for the day. Had to update my writing tracker widget. Messes me up when I try to calculate my numbers and have to hunt down what I last wrote, lol.

Stefan and Mila are traipsing through the countryside (hence pic on this post), discussing their plans. Sure ’nuff, starting on this route has given me some information and led me down a path that’s helping me tie everything in. Not even to the first book in the series, but this one also has to tie into Mila’s series, Enchanting the Moon, as well as the entire world of the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe.

That is something that I have to be cognizant of while I write. This book isn’t just a tie in to the first in this series, but also the first in Mila’s series. There is this perfect little middle ground when I’m writing these stories. I have this entire world and way I wrote them that I have to remain faithful to. It makes it difficult, but it’s also a challenge for my brain to get everything straight. So as frustrating as it can be to remain in the lines (I’m not known for doing what everyone else does), it’s an interesting writing challenge.

Oh. Also, I sent off The Culling Cycle to Jeanie erm . . . two nights ago? So she has it. Today she got started with it and she is hooked so far in the beginning. Tells me it’s going well so far. That is always nice to hear.

And that means I’m back to working on Dark Illusions: The Beginning. I’m glad that I paused to work on The Culling Cycle. I’ll be able to publish that quickly and have a book out, while keeping up work on DITB. This way I won’t leave you hanging for months upon months. You’ll get another book in the meantime. It’s not a long book, it’s only about 60,000 words versus my normal 80,000 and above. My first copy will be going to my friend who inspired the main character as I promised him, then I’ll publish it after. Pretty much the same day. It’s just the publishing means the site has to list it. So the delay is only a few days to a week.

Then I’ll get to work on the paperback as well, but still try to do a few minutes on Dark Illusions: The Beginning every day. With this blogging I do, it takes an hour away from my editing time. I like to do it, or wouldn’t do it. It has been helping me work out my stories and think about things in a deeper way when I write my thoughts out. But it does limit more of my work time. I feel like time keeps slipping away lately no matter what I do.

Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress.

Started today at – 3,518

Ended today at – 4,570

Total word count for today – 1,052

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