Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


If Stefan can focus please . . . and not on Mila

2,040 words is pretty good  for about an hour. Especially for the start of a book. Sometimes getting my brain going is difficult, especially since this isn’t picking up where I left off as much as continuing of a long ago written series. I say long ago when I really mean a year or two? Maybe three.

I like the image I found to use for a featured image on this post. It’s nearly the exact image of what’s inside my head while I’m writing about the road leading away from Stefan and Mila’s castle.

Found a couple images to sort of show what’s in my head when I think of their castle right now. Since this was an ancient castle that basically fell apart after the war that was raged inside of it, and Stefan abandoned it, I see parts of it still in existence, but mostly it’s a bunch of ruin.

That’s pretty similar to what I think about.

Anyhoo, gotta ensure I have time to work on The Culling Cycle. Today I have the last half of the book to finish reading through so I can send to Jeanie. She said she won’t be able to get to it until Monday, but I asked that she combine her edits that she does for me (we have a different set up for how we work than is typical, but that helps us both) so this can get the most bang for the least amount of back and forths.

Might not make much sense, but it’s to spend less time sending it to her, and then back to me, then her again, then me again. Still same edits though.

I wanted to get it sent to her today, but we’ll see if I can. Right now it’s quiet as I write this, but the dogs can go nutto and something happen within two seconds so there is just no telling.

Life happens, ya know?

Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress.

Started today at – 1,478

Ended today at – 3,518

Total word count for today – 2,040

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