Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

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So it begins and they are adorable together – tasty excerpt.

And so Mila and Stefan’s story begins. They aren’t in a huge storyline yet. I decided I would pick up their tale from the castle and go from there. It starts where I left Claiming the Enchantress. Figured I would but wasn’t sure. Never know how a story will start or where it will go.

Turns out my idea of picking up where I ended their last bit was accurate. I imagine it’s because there is something between there and meeting up with Kat and Julian which is important. So we have rewound time and restarted. They are about to visit where Kylarra grew up in Lycaen Ridge. I think I should write up a post on Lycaen Ridge too. Just found a bunch of pictures that represent similar to what’s in my head. We could have fun discussing the inhabitants of the town. It’s a lovely little mountainous town in my head.

I’ll leave this here. On my last quick run down of The Culling Cycle before I send it off to Jeanie. Here is a part (below) which shows the love which exists between Stefan and Mila. Love them. They are just now coming together and allowing that love to REblossom between them, though today Mila admitted not all her memories are there from her previous lifetimes. Her magic is growing too so I’m curious how it will grow in this tale.

Below is draft, first edition. Keep that in mind as it can change. (Pic on this post is fairly accurate representation of Stefan too.)

Stefan raised her face with his strong fingers around her chin. Rough fingers she wouldn’t mind on her bare flesh again soon. “In time. I’m not going anywhere.”

With so much ease, he removed her fears. With so little effort, he was able to take her to a place where wishes came true. Mila closed the distance and slid her hands around his face, pulling him closer. “My beautiful beast.”

She kissed him until his arms wrapped around her waist and tightened her against him. She slid her arms around his broad shoulders and he raised her from the ground to mold perfectly into his body. Like two perfectly fitting puzzle pieces they were. She murmured in pleasure, wanting to take him back inside, but they had to find Kylarra.

Time was technically important. As much as they’d been waiting all this time, they had to begin moving at some point or they’d stay here for days doing nothing more than remembering one another’s body. Worshipping each other. Though her body was in many ways new to him so he did have to relearn her flesh.

I have to stop thinking about this, it’s making it worse.

Mila pressed her palms against him, murmuring in aggravation that she had to stop the moment. Her body had plenty of other fun ideas. Stefan groaned, his beast fought to keep her close, but in the end, she laughed as she eased her mouth off his.

“No,” Stefan murmured tightening his grip around her waist until she almost couldn’t breathe.

“Yes,” she whispered. She slid her hands down his face until her fingertips lightly pressed against his lips. “Kylarra. Remember?”

The beast grumbled in aggravation, growled and fought against it, but slowly Stefan eased his grip and lowered her down to the ground. Mila stared into those eyes of her today, tomorrow, and forever, and had never felt as happy as she did. All while the distant thoughts of her best friend and that horrendous nightmare circled her mind. Still, they had waited all this time.

Stefan waiting even longer than she had, but he’d never given up on her. Never stopped loving her. He’d fought all this time to find her again and again. Who did that? This one. This beautiful man she couldn’t stop staring at. The hair she wanted to keep running her fingers through. The beard she wanted skimming over her stomach. The arms she wanted around her all day and all night, day in and day out.

She sighed. Life was unfair. But at least they’d had this time. Now life called.

Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress.

Started today at – 791

Ended today at – 1,478

Total word count for today – 687

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