Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


Apparently Julian did notice.

I should’ve known that Julian was paying that much attention. Let’s face it: sometimes guys don’t. I love y’all! But you could stand in front of something and not see it at all. Ya know that. And I admit, I didn’t think Julian wasn’t focusing on those little clues about Verrick.

But my beautiful man was! I mean he is one of my top favorite males so obviously the man is that special, lol. Actually he’s my fav. Anyway. I knew Kat catches all those little things and Julian too when it comes to him wanting to. I just didn’t realize that Julian was reading Verrick because Julian only does so when someone catches his attention.

Or when he wants to know more about someone. Not just enemies, but I have a hunch that in this instance, it’s much to do with why Kat wants to know him more. Because he’s connected to Kylarra and because they both sense that this man is a huge influence on their daughter’s world. This is the man Kylarra loves.

Verrick practically radiates her love for him, and his love for her. Let’s face it: when two people have that connection, you can see it. Again, I’ll refer to one of my favorite couples: Tim (I wrote Time, lol) McGraw and Faith Hill. Have you seen the way they look at one another? The essence around them when they’re together or separate? They radiate from the love they share between them.

Kat and Julian do too. And yes Verrick, even you my lovely Lycaen: you radiate because of Kylarra’s love. Or you wouldn’t have all those women wanting you. Because they know your heart beats for one and one alone. Fill that bed as much as you like, it’ll always be Kylarra. Only I know now that he’s mated to her, as hard as he is, as distant? He never shares another bed. It used to be that way. He’d fill his bed with so many faces they merged into one.

Now? Now no matter how angry Verrick is, frustrated, sad, or anything else . . . he won’t share the bed with anyone but Kylarra. They can be at a distance for a long time and still, there is only one he craves. Gotta admire his commitment to her. They are mates, but I’m sure there are plenty of Lycaen who wouldn’t care. I don’t think his own father did. If I remember correctly, Verrick’s own father didn’t give his mother that sort of commitment.

Not Verrick. Verrick gives Kylarra that commitment because he can’t be with another one anymore. Maybe deep down part of him knows how much it’d destroy Kylarra’s trust in him too. It would too. I can understand that feeling well. Knowing that you’re the only one for someone and they can’t imagine having another, or wanting another? That’s intense and passionate, and I love it. I am the same way. So it’s a nice feeling. Comforting. Safe.

Why would Verrick destroy that with Kylarra? But it’s more. For Verrick, maybe he’s accepted that no matter who fills his bed, it’s empty. There isn’t anything there. And lemme see if I can clip a teeny bit of their story.

Oh, I found two places and this first one even speaks to what I said. Please note, all this is in draft form. Bits are from Birth of a Princess. As I said, they have passion for one another, lol.

Good background music.


Verrick pressed closer, the ache in his jeans becoming unbearable. His lips brushed hers. Ky’s body reacted instantly and a tremor slid down her body. Her mouth opened ever so. Verrick smiled against her lips. “Beg me.”

Kylarra swallowed the lump forming in her throat, her desire swelling in his nostrils until he almost let her go and tore her clothes off. He couldn’t contain the possessive rumble that slid out. This was all his now. If it didn’t make him the luckiest man in the world. The woman didn’t even know how goddamn beautiful she was.

The only thing she could do was turn away. Her eyes had drifted up from his mouth and he saw the words forming on her lips. “I was reading,” she whispered, defying her own courage.

His body was pressed against hers. Verrick moved his large thigh between her legs and snarled against her, letting the vibrations deepen further. A whimper eased out of her. His fingers tightened against her wrists as her heart thudded against her chest and blended into his own. Their bodies were beginning to sweat, which increased her scent, and would his own. Sweat broke out along his brow. How he ever controlled himself around her was beyond him.

The control slipped and with her whimper, his body quivered against hers. He pressed his lips against her ear, huffing and puffing the breath he was losing control of. “Run. Now.

He stepped back only far enough that he wasn’t completely engulfing her with his body, but they were still very much attached to one another. Their bodies always molding perfectly together. Releasing her wrists, Verrick allowed her the chance to punch him like the look turned on him said she would.

His breath huffed and puffed out of him as he allowed his beast to envelope the room, envelope his mate, push her, prod her, demand of her compliance without a fight. They both needed it. It’d been too long. Their beasts could only handle being without one another in that base way for so long. Verrick had never been so committed to one woman before and it took only her to satisfy him when before it’d taken far more and it’d never worked. [spoiler removed]

But she wanted him as badly as he did her. Because they loved each other. No matter what, they were bonded through thick and thin.

They were soul mates through and through.

Then with an, “God dammit, I hate you!” she took off from the room.

Here’s the second one:

Verrick closed the distance and slid his massive hands around her face.


Cutting her off, his mouth found hers, and though she fought it, the need was there. God she hated it, and craved it all at once. He’d been gone days. Even a few hours, though she tried to fight it and remind herself she was an independent damn women, she craved her mate.

Even missed him.

Verrick kissed her until he received the reaction he wanted. Her dissolving into his arms and clinging to him for more. Then he pulled away enough to speak against her lips. “I missed you too.”

Reality crashed through her. She smashed her palms against his chest. “Stop that!”

Verrick moved past her with a smirk.

The above was a moment when Kylarra was pushing too far into Verrick’s past. See how he handles her? Kisses her then leaves her. Does that show actions of a vicious beast who is capable of hurting her? No. It shows the actions of a man who is in love with his mate and can’t harm her. Anyone else, that man would’ve silenced her with a look or worse. Mila has certainly felt that coldness from him, and been given that threat to leave things alone.

As to my first thought. I’m curious what’ll happen with Julian since he’s noticed those things about Verrick.

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