Dark Moon Dynasty Universe Fury of a Queen Time of the Chosen

Verrick is smart and dumb all at once sometimes

Well that’s the truth! I love him, but he’s still ego-based and wanting to be all cocky about everything. Then he pushed his limits and went too far. Thinking he could grab the Queen as if having nearly a foot on her gave him leeway? Or being a Lycaen?

Tut, tut, tut, Verrick.

Julian has simply taught Kat a lot about managing her emotions. So yes tough guy, when you grab her arm that way? You’re sort of asking for what is to come!

She’s taken on Lycaen before. But Verrick is smart enough to get the reasons she sunk her claws into his throat, but by then it was too late. I’m thinking that’s the point he realized well crap, this woman is a force to be reckoned with.

Yup. Now you see where Kylarra got her strength from. And her little bratty ‘tude at times. lol

I’m at 68K words at this point and surprisingly Verrick is still about. Figured he wouldn’t be around Kat and Julian long, but I think Kat is too intrigued by this man who is her closest connection she’s ever had to Kylarra. Both her and Julian have honored the pact to stay away from Kylarra. But the man they made the pact with, they have now figured out has passed away, and here is her mate in their face after sensing all this weirdness with her?

Too many little bumps in Kat’s gut instincts are going off for her to just wave Verrick off and let him go. And let’s face it: like her daughter, she senses something deeper inside of Verrick that she wants to see more of. He does have a way about him. But only for those who can see it. And I think it’s on Verrick’s side as well. I think Verrick enjoys being around Kat for her connection to Kylarra (even if it’s just that Kat is the birth mother) and I feel there is an underlying respect growing between them.

Otherwise Kat wouldn’t have sought a private moment with Verrick.

Moving on from Fury of a Queen and into my editing projects. I am setting aside Dark Illusions: The Beginning so that I can focus my efforts on getting  Time of the Chosen out. Not that I’m doing it permanently, but I really want to get Time of the Chosen out and turn it around faster than other stories for a specific purpose. A few different purposes, that is. So I may go back and forth between that one and DITB. But mainly right now focusing onTime of the Chosen so that there isn’t such a long time between my releasing of books.

I have to update my books page too. But as of right now, all of my dates are screwy on the posts. Mostly because I have to reupdate all of them when I know I’m back on a regular schedule. Re-editing and re-releasing the Dark Illusions series makes it hard for me to specifically get all those dates right. Especially when I’ve thrown in Time of the Chosen. So as soon as the schedule gets back to sorted, I’ll get all the dates fixed. It’s just not a priority for me at this moment. I have enough on my plate.

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started today at – 67,192

Ended today at – 68,179

Total word count for today – 1,597

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