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Think the Queen senses the man Verrick can be

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So today, I think Kat is confirming her thoughts that there is something more to Verrick than what he shows to the world. And that is part of it. They expected to meet a man who may have been involved in this situation they’re trying to determine. Well, before they’d met him, he just sensed it, so it’s what they were given.

Verrick (as Viktor said) is a master manipulator. So it’s easy for Kat to sense that he is hiding something. That Verrick is putting on a show also. And there is this tiny part of her which is all . . . don’t let the King hurt him. To which she listens. It’s a tiny whisper within that says something is up with the way Verrick is acting. With what they are seeing versus what Kat is feeling.

It just doesn’t match up. He keeps wanting to show her this arrogant asshole and she’s like, wait. Being Kylarra’s mother, she senses part of why Verrick can’t stare at her for too long is his feelings for Kylarra. She notes that. Again, it’s those little things that people don’t expect Kat to get, that she does.

Verrick’s tiny little flinch within at certain remarks too? Kat is all, wait. I think she sees what not even Kylarra has seen. That Verrick is madly in love with Kylarra. Kylarra (I can appreciate that about her) has trust issues so it blinds her. And the way Verrick acts toward her? Part of her is all, nah, this man doesn’t love me that much. But Kat is seeing past that because she doesn’t have trust issues with Verrick.

I mean part of it is completely Verrick’s responsibility. Kylarra reached out again and again and again while Verrick was away for school and eventually she realized it was one-way. Not that Verrick didn’t want to talk to her, but I think he too misunderstood and assumed she may not really want him. Which is funny. Yeah Verrick, Kylarra is spending her teen years writing to you and reaching out to you constantly because she wants nothing to do with you. Makes me shake my head at him.

So eventually Kylarra gives up. She has to. Constantly trying to initiate conversations with a man who isn’t participating? Who isn’t giving back to her? There’s only one conclusion she can draw. He’s not interested.

So Kylarra let him go and quit writing.

Only later do they find out what really happened between her writing those letters and Verrick not sending her replies. If I remember correctly it was actually Verrick who found out, or realized the truth. Then he’s filled with guilt because that was years of Kylarra reaching out and believing he wanted nothing to do with her. I feel for her. But I give her credit for sticking it out for as long as she did.

Because of all that, Kylarra has severe trust issues toward Verrick. I think she feels that any moment, Verrick may go poof and leave her heartbroken. I mean they’re mated, but what guarantee is that? The way he sweet talks her, then the next moment disappears? He’s treating her heart like a revolving door. It kills her every time he’s there, then disappears on her. Again I can feel for her because that’s hard. I should know, I wrote her POV, lol. All Kylarra wants to do is wrap him in her arms and Verrick thinks the opposite so trusting that Verrick isn’t going to abandon her?

That made me remember a note I wrote on a possible scene which may break that small trust she has in Verrick.

Switching back to Kat though, Kat sees the look in Verrick’s eye. The way he reacts to Kylarra’s name. So I think she’s seeing something that opposes the act Verrick gives. Doesn’t Verrick understand it? Kat is an empath. Verrick she feels your lie within her. You can’t lie to Kat. She sees past all that facade and into the real you.

What’s gonna happen when the Queen says what she knows about him? What happens when Kat blurts (surprised she hasn’t yet) that Verrick is madly in love with Kylarra? What would happen if she told her daughter that? Verrick plays a part well for Kylarra too. That he doesn’t really care if she’s there or not.

When that is a big ol’ fat lie. lol Kylarra is everything to him. These stubborn male wolves I tell ya. Tell her Verrick. Kylarra will never leave you. Verrick probably thinks that’d be weak of him. Too much of his father’s influence. No, Verrick. Admitting you love her that much? That takes more courage than most have. Especially when we know he’d never allow another to have her. Verrick’d probably just kill them, lol. Not that Kylarra could have feelings for another. She’d choose to be alone. Verrick is it for her. I can’t remember anyone she ever had feelings for outside of him.

Sloan, her first? Meh. There were mild feelings until he grew physically abusive, but Verrick was the first man she loved, and through the years, I don’t think she ever saw another man that way. Flirted, yes. Had any semblance of relationship with? Nope. It’s always been Verrick for her. Even when she wanted to strangle him.

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started today at – 64,831

Ended today at – 67,192

Total word count for today – 2,361

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