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This is a bad time for Verrick

Nearing the end of the book. And our other players are going to make an entrance. See with this series, I didn’t plan to have it an extension of just the individual series. The plan was to bring back the Dark Illusions characters, but also include the other species/races and others. As in, crossovers. As in, Verrick and Kat and Julian will be showing up and interacting with one another. As too Stefan and Mila with Kat and Julian. Then them with Verrick. Verrick seems to be the main player here since Kylarra is and isn’t as well. Kylarra will be in all of them.

This is going to be one long tale split into three books, and in each of the books, the main characters and viewpoints are switched with the females leading. Right now it’s Kat with Julian. Then it’s going to be Mila with Stefan. And finally Kylarra with Verrick. Although that third one they all may criss cross.

Kylarra is Julian and Kat’s daughter and Kat is tapping into her daughter. At this point, she’s realizing that her thoughts weren’t dreams and may very well be actual visions she’s having of Kylarra. But there is a limit to what Kat can see. She’s not a seer like Mila. She isn’t designed to be able to call them up and manipulate them.

But . . . Mila is. and Kat is being blocked naturally I think by Kylarra protecting herself. Whereas Mila has tapped into Kylarra before and Ky let Mila do it so I think a natural opening is inside of Kylarra for Mila if that makes sense.

But then in one of my notes I added the idea of Mila helping Kat. What would happen if a seer and Enchantress heightens Kat’s natural empathic skills? Ohhhhh that totally hit me. What if Mila heightens that connection to a two-way street? I mean Kat has now realized (I think Julian has too) that someone is hitchhiking in Kat’s mind when she does connect to her daughter. So what happens when a strength that every magical force felt (Mila waking up to her gifts and all the lives she’s lived) in this world pairs up with the Queen of the Awakened?

What then?

See, every book in this particular series is focusing on one major player: the women. The women who’ve walked through the pits of hell and still managed to come out the way they were. Beautiful lovely women deep down. It’s just matured them and strengthened them.

In this book, the focus is around the Queen of the Awakened and the true strength she possesses. How she’s matured because her focus is on her duties and the King, but also her daughter and what she feels. It’s not Kat running around attempting to destroy the city she lives, the clans, and killing every last vampire she comes across. She’s matured.

In the next book, the focus will be around Mila (yes, the one I named my dog after 🙂 ) and her maturity as an Enchantress. She’s lived multiple lives, and every single one of them led her to Stefan, then ripped her back away from him in death. He has had to walk all this time alone without her, and now that they’re paired up? He’s providing that rock, that strength, that maturity for her to truly become who she’s meant to. He’s there as her backup, teaching her. Mila is harnessing her powers and awakening to the potential she really has. The one the King of the Lycaens is helping her grow. I can’t think of the correct way to put it.

When Stefan ahem . . . spoiler. Moving on. What happened in Claiming the Enchantress helped Mila. Stefan did. So by the end of it, she was finally remembering the lifetimes she’s had, but I think in this next book I write soon, Mila is really and truly going to come into her own. Really and truly remember who the hell she is. And her strength is going to come out. Because she’s lived lifetimes of growing in magical strength. Each lifetime she has lived through Mina, Mystery, and now Mila (originally she was Mina when we first meet her, but she keeps Mila I think – we’ll see at least) has given her different gifts. Each physical body strengthened a certain part of her. And now she is going to come into her own.

Because I don’t think it’s really just the Lycaens who can feel her. I think if she really wants to? Every single magical race in existence can react to her. Because what happened in Claiming the Enchantress? It affected the damn weather and world. Everyone saw that storm. Vampire, Lycaen, human. It didn’t matter. They saw it. They felt it.

What happens when they realize it was that one little gentle seer who has always kept to herself? Who was born in a test tube? Abandoned in an orphanage and raised to think she was the spawn of Hell by the Sisters (well, one of them) at the orphanage she was brought up in?

Okay, and then the 3rd book in this series will be based around Kylarra. Who do we know is Kylarra? If you know the Dark Illusions series, it’s not as if this part is a spoiler. Same as if you read Blood By Night. Kylarra is born from a vampire who turned human enough to birth a baby, and who happened to be born from the King and Queen of the Awakened. Despite it breaking both their hearts, Kat and Julian knew they had to give her up for another to raise. Far too many enemies would come after her, especially since nobody had given birth to a baby in the vampire world. Not alive. Not one who survived.

Kat is a new breed of vampire. Her body changes, adapts. She may not be able to have another baby, but somehow her body became human enough to birth a child. But then Kylarra was raised to think she was a werewolf. Because these vampires can shapeshift into wolves, some of them take on more of that beastly quality. Kylarra happened to naturally have that shapeshifting ability, but she wasn’t a vampire at birth, she was human. So she could pass as a Lycaen.

And then being raised as one? Well, obviously she has no reason to suspect otherwise. Save for one problem. In Blood By Night, we happen to see that Kylarra is as fast as the male werewolves, near strong as them, and is a little more adept at healing. So then what happens in Birth of a Princess? Avoiding spoilers, we’ll just say . . . she grows up. Matures.

And if she’s born of two vampires, raised as a Lycaen, yet has a mate who is anything but a regular Lycaen himself? Well, here we have yet another incredibly strong and magnificent specimen of a woman. The main question for her is what happens when she learns all of that? What happens when the Princess of the Awakened discovers who she is? Who her mate is? A man she’s been playing with since they were teens because Verrick seemed to have figured out who she was a long time ago and he likes a little too much pain. Manipulating her into releasing that aggressive side on him only causes her to feed off him without even thinking about it, or realizing.

And Verrick himself is not just a Lycaen. His lineage goes back to connect to Stefan, the King of the Lycaen, who also dealt with the man who founded Verrick’s school. And that school loved to play with DNA and science a wee bit too much. They were the ones behind the test tube baby, Mila. Who they thought was someone else, otherwise they wouldn’t have brought her to life.

See all the interconnectedness?

Like a tree of life. The roots beneath the surface all connect the branches branching out and not appearing to connect to one another at all. Hence I named the book of their history The Root of Magic. Which will eventually become not just a website to read up on all this history I’ve compiled and formed, but a book in itself.

I’m so fascinated with all their background and the history I formed that I went deep into ancient history and mix and matched Greek Gods with Christian lore, with all sorts of different things, lol. I have far too many notes printed out. But I also learned something. Zeus was a naughty naughty boy. He is connected with nearly every branch of life. Not in my history I wrote up, but in history of the Gods period. Father to this one, father to that one. I’m going . . . my goodness where haven’t you been? Still, fascinating to trace back all those trees and then reform my own.

Okay, off to edit The Culling Cycle.

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started today at – 57,159

Ended today at – 58,181

Total word count for today – 1,022

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